Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sensible Splurge

If there is one time I count on splurging a little, it's on my coveted sister visits. When I lived in Arizona, I was fortunate enough to get to visit my sister once a year. Sometimes it was by myself, sometimes it was with one or both kids. Whatever the company, or lack thereof, I always enjoyed getting together with the person who has known me the longest in this life, my sister.

Last year, I went to help my sister with her new baby while her husband was gone to a conference. As a first time mom, and a working mom at that, she was in need of someone to watch her daughter whom she knew and trusted. I am sure that her mother-in-law would have happily made the six hour drive for the weekend to baby sit her first granddaughter. I knew my mom would not have thought twice about coming up for the three days either. But the person my sister wanted to hang out with and leave her daughter with was me, her sister, who lived 3 day's drive from her; Phoenix to Chicago. Needless to say I flew instead of drove.

My husband was gracious enough to grant me my ultimate wish of wishes, to babysit my niece!!! I purchased the plane ticket and arranged for a babysitter for my own (older) children. A few weeks later, I was landing in O'Hare.

Since I knew that "Sister Visit" is synonymous with "Shopping" I asked Corey before I left if I could have a Fun Dollars budget for the weekend. I was given $100 to use wisely for any and all purchases. I knew I had to be smart about what I bought, so even though I bought some items for full price, I did so with discernment. I shopped with my existing wardrobe in mind and made a few new additions while staying within my budget.

During the time my sister was not at work, she and I drove to our favorite shopping spots; Woodfield Mall, Target, Khol's, Old Navy, DSW, and IKEA (not for clothes...). Just a couple of Sister Shoppers about town. Then during the time she was at work, I warmed bottles and changed diapers, loving every minute of it.

Of the items I chose to bring home from my sister visit, this outfit became one of my favorites. I wear the long-sleeved elephant-embroidered t-shirt on a regular basis. It's my signature shirt now. I wear it with the skirt pictured, or with jeans, or with a black skirt, or black dress pants. Sometimes I might even wear it with leggings if I feel daring enough to pull it off. The shirt came from Ragstock, ringing in at $13.00, full price.

The skirt I found on clearance at Target for $7.00. I wear it with the elephant shirt, or a white tank top. I also have a black tank top and a grey short-sleeved shirt I can rotate with the skirt. But when I wear the elephant shirt with the skirt, with the grey leggings (cropped out of the picture, and also from Target,) I am wearing an entirely "Sister Visit" outfit. I bought all of those items while shopping with one of my best friends, my sister.

Now that I live in Illinois, and only a 4 hour drive away, I look forward to many more sister visits (and babysitting opportunities!)

Happy Shopping.