Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Into the Woods to Battle Five Armies

Of course, right after I declare that I gave up bubbles for my New Year's Resolution, I find myself sipping on Sprite.

It's a lame excuse, but it was my "night out". I had scheduled a movie night with a friend of mine, which commenced shortly after Carrick's karate class let out. Corey was at home while I was at karate, and when I returned home, supper was not as ready as I had hoped. I knew that I wouldn't make it until the movie was over to eat something, so I the ticket and a medium bag of popcorn (with the last of my Christmas money) and took $2.00 out of Fun Dollars to cover the soda.  I even looked for a non-carbonated alternative like Powerade, but alas, all I saw were bubbles. Oh well, One drink of bubbles in a week's worth of not having bubbles seemed OK. Sometimes a "break" in a fast helps keep the fast going.

My karma for breaking my fast was dropping my soda on the floor, missing the cup holder I was aiming for 20 minutes Into the Woods. That will teach me, right?

Well, as fate would have it, I was given another chance to go to the movies earlier this week. On Monday, Corey and I hit the gym while the kids were at school. It was a nice "date", where he explained some of the gym equipment to e and we did a 20-minute cardio together. I only did the 20 minutes because it was my last chance to see the Hobbit. A perfectly-timed matinee at 11;45 guaranteed me some alone time before the kids were released from school.

I used my empty popcorn bag for a free refill, and once again, refilled my Loyalty Cup. (Did you know that if you don't get your free popcorn refill during the movie when you buy it, you can take it back the next time you see a movie and get the free refill then? Well, at least at the Sedona 6 Harkins Theater, that is the case.)

This time, to get into the movie, I used my free pass they gave me when I left early with Lily on opening day of the Hobbit. (Hey, I tried.) Between the pass and the free refill, I only spent $2.00 on the soda. This time I filled it with half Coca-cola and Dr. Pepper. This was my lunch, too, after my workout, no less. But after two and a half hours of Middle Earth, I was able to walk home in the sunshine, adding to my "workout".

Even though I have treated myself to soda twice since New Year's I have not purchased it at Circle K on an afternoon whim, nor have I bought hard cider or champagne. It's hard to stick to it, but having those two little encounters with bubbles at the movies, I do feel a renewed sense of dedication to my cause.

On another note, these two movie experiences highlight another intention I have set for myself in the New Year: Time to myself. As life with two children has slowly spiraled into chaos, I have determined the time has come for more time to myself. This time is just for me to recharge, thus helping me have more "mommy-power" to handle the chaos. I love my kids dearly, but as the are both still young, and have many needs that need to be met, I need to remember to restore myself every now and again so that I can meet their needs with love, and not frustration. So if that means giving myself bubbles once in a while, it seems like a small concession for a much bigger reward.

Two soda refills at the movies- $4.00
Balance this pay cycle- $26.00
Happy Spending!

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