Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fun Dollars New Year's Giveaway!!!!

It's here! The time has come for you Fun Dollars readers to put on your thinking caps. I have been setting aside Fun Dollars each pay cycle since September for this event: The Fun Dollars New Year's Giveaway.

I started this blog almost a year ago, on the last week of the year in 2013. I  had attempted being a blogger before, but not on a very committed level. I started three other blogs before this one, only one of which ever had more than 100 hits (My Ten Mommy Minutes). I won't even tell what the names are of the other blogs because I'm almost ashamed of them. They're quite ridiculous.

During that week between Christmas and New Year's, I some reflection on the past year. The thing that I enjoyed most was spending Fun Dollars, but I knew that I had cheated a lot on my Fun Dollars. I would sneak purchases onto the debit card and hope Corey didn't see them on the bank statement. I wouldn't spend thousands of dollars, but $5.00 here and there for Zainey's or Burger King, $20.00 for a shirt a Beall's Outlet, or even a $3.00 for a chocolate bar at Natural Grocers adds up.  I decided the time had come to retrain myself on my relationship with the free money I received regularly.

I took very seriously the gift that Corey had given me in the Fun Dollars system.  I wanted to be a better steward of that gift. Even though I could spend my $100.00 however I wanted to, it didn't excuse me in any way from doing wasteful things with my money, or from cheating on the system. Even though no one else was looking over my shoulder in 2013, the way that I spent my Fun Dollars was still in my own conscience. I knew I had cheated. I knew I had made stupid purchases. I also knew I had made some smart purchases. But I wanted to set the record straight and be totally accountable for what I spent (and not cheat, too).

So, to celebrate the end of the first year of the Fun Dollars Blog, I want to jump-start someone else with their own Fun Dollars. Since $100.00 is the amount that Corey and I get each pay cycle, that is the amount I want to give to a lucky reader.

How do you win the Fun Dollars?

Please submit to me before January 1, 2015 a short explanation about what you have learned about money this year. (Length isn't really a factor here, long or short. I'm looking more at what you have to say than the number of words that you say it in.) What were your weak points? Where are you strong? Has your relationship with money changed at all in the past year? Do you have a new job? Do you have debt? Do you have your own version of a Fun Dollars system?

I am looking for honesty and growth with your relationship with money. Tell me your story, and you might have $100.00 to start the New Year. Submit your entry with your name and email address to:
Subject: Giveaway

Happy Spending, and Good Luck!

Christmas Presents at Safeway and Wal-Mart- $17.00
Balance this pay cycle- $21.00

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