Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting to the Good Stuff

With my list in hand, I made a trip to el banco to cash my paycheck and keep $200 of it for my shopping spree. I returned home to make two smoothies, and then met Niccole at Wildflower in Uptown. We headed up the canyon, gabbing about "girl stuff" and discussing where we wanted to shop on our day out together. We decided Kohl's would be our first stop.

Kohl's wasn't particularly exciting, but there were two pretty good finds on the clearance rack. I picked up a royal blue tank top and a black sweater. They were each $3.00 and change. I already own a black sweater, but this one is a little more dressy and fitted that the other one. I was excited about the tank top too. Royal blue is a non-existent color in my wardrobe, and I was pumped to add a new flavor to my style. (Actually, that's not true, I do own a GAP T-shirt in Royal blue, but it's just for wearing to the gym or cleaning the house. This tank I can wear layered with something, so it will see more wear than just me getting sweaty.)

I did pick up a sea green V-neck T-shirt for Corey at Kohl's too. I accidentally washed a pen of his months ago, and ruined several of his T-shirts. The only one that I really felt bad about was his light aqua one. So this one was meant to replace the inky shirt. All of the other ruined shirts were tired, and several years old. The aqua one was a Christmas present. So I picked that little surprise up for him, and it was the most expensive thing I bought there at $8.00.

After Kohl's we headed around the corner for an early lunch at Olive Garden. I took the opportunity of being passenger all day to order a "Sangarita". It was good, but honestly, it was mostly sugar, and I could have done without it. I ordered the Soup, Salad & Breadstick lunch combo trying to be "healthy" and "economical", but that went out the window when I added the fried artichoke add-on for $3.00. Lunch, Drink and Tip: $23.00. I must admit, it was such a luxury to eat with no one on my lap or asking me for food, and to that end, I did enjoy my drink and fried add-on even more. Although I did offer to hold Niccole's baby while she finished her meal. Apparently with no one diverting my attention from food, I pretty much wolfed down whatever was in front of me and I finished way before Niccole did.

Following lunch we headed across town to the outskirts of the shopping mall area. Just past the mall there is a shopping center with Old Navy, Marshall's Best Buy, World Market and Tuesday Morning.

And that's where the day got interesting....

Kohl's- $15.00
Olive Garden- $23.00
Balance this pay cycle- $162.00

Happy Spending!

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