Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!!!!

After taking a couple months off, I am ready to report on Fun Dollars again. I left the slate blank for a while because I wanted to work on some other pieces of writing that had been forgotten about. I had ideas and not enough time to spend with them. Taking out the responsibility of reporting Fun Dollars "bought" me time for my other creative endeavors. Another reason that I am almost too shy to admit is that I actually felt a pressure to spend my Fun Dollars. I would start to feel panicky about buying a Domino's Pizza because in my mind, I have already explained and justified my spending so many times that people don't want to hear about it again. So I felt a pressure to do new and fun things with my Fun Dollars, just because I knew people would be reading about it. Taking a step back for a while allowed me to buy, or not buy, and not feel a pressure to make a story of it.

So why bother coming back? Because people missed me. (Well, at least a few of my friends missed reading my blog.) I was just at a baby shower and I was explaining to them why I hadn't written a blog post in so long. One of them told me that she actually started shopping at Goodwill because of reading my blog. Another told me that she just liked reading the stories because they made her laugh. Whether I am entertaining someone, or helping them spend their money more wisely, I do enjoy having a regular (public) writing outlet. So, when I was at this baby shower, we played a game and I won; the prize in the gift bag was a really nice wallet. My friend nudged me and said, "See? It's a sign that you should do Fun Dollars again." How can I say no to that? (Don't answer that.)

To kick off my return to the Fun Dollars arena, I am going on a Spring Shopping Spree. My best friend, Niccole, and I had already made plans to drive to Flagstaff and go shopping together tomorrow, so it's only fitting. I also went through my closet today and tried on most of what I already own to get an idea of what I need to round out my wardrobe. Many items were kicked to the curb; things that are worn out or don't fit me right anymore. I made a list of what I need and a few things that I 'want', and as I go shopping, tomorrow, I'll be referencing my list.

Also, I will be expanding my Fun Dollars budget for this pay cycle. Normally, I get $100.00, but because I am working on building my summer wardrobe (and we'll need to stop for lunch somewhere), I asked Corey if I could have some bonus cash to make smart purchases. (He doesn't want me to get the cheapest things, but rather quality things that will last and hold up, which may require a larger budget than $100.00).

I am super-excited to get back into the swing of things, and thank you to my friends for urging me on to start writing about Fun Dollars again. I hope I don't disappoint you ;)

Balance this pay cycle- $200.00
Happy Spending! 

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