Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Recovering from Mothers' Day

Phew! Who knew that celebrating being a mom could be so exhausting? It's not like we had anything major planned for Mothers' Day. We didn't go to brunch, or church. I wanted a day in the house to just hang out in my pajamas. Corey had to "work" for a while, and so going out anywhere would require that I do it by myself, which, kind of goes against my definition of staying in my pajamas.

All I wanted was to eat bacon/egg/cheese breakfast sandwiches and sip on my favorite wine all day. Simple enough. I added mimosas to the menu when I found out that a dear friend of ours had returned to Sedona after a two-month adventure Down Under. She brought over the brut and bagels for sandwiches on Mother's Day Morning. It was better than brunch because the kids could run around after they were finished eating. She told us all about her trip to Australia and New Zealand while we enjoyed our Mother's Day breakfast as a family (She's like a big sister to us). After breakfast she said goodbye, as she had some things to attend to after being gone for two months. Corey left shortly after she did for his meeting. That left me alone with the kids, and with the remainder of the bottle O' brut.

I decided it was the  perfect time to Skype my own mom. The kids were happily playing in the back yard, and my mom just happened to be online. I sipped the rest of the bubbly and chatted with her, carrying my laptop from room to room while I put away laundry. (Yes, I put away laundry on Mother's Day, hence the bubbly.) When the bubbles went bye-bye I opened up the bottle of Kim Crawford Corey brought home for me. I continued sipping and chatting, not really paying any attention to my hydration level. I talked to mom over the course of three hours. Another two hours after that, the Kim Crawford was gone. So, even though it took me 5 hours to finish the bottle, I was still super-dehydrated, which did not make for the most coherent Mother's Day evening.

Suffice it to say, I was not going to cook dinner, and Corey wasn't either, so we went to good ol' Golden Dragon for supper. I drank plenty of water before going to bed, and thought I was in the clear.

The next day, my celebrating caught up with me. I made a non-food grocery trip to Wally-World, right after dropping the kids off at school. I made it in and out of there in just under 15 minutes. (I had a list and stuck to it.) Niccole had called on my way to the store to see if we could get together for a late breakfast. Of course I said yes. On the way to her house, though, my stomach started to protest the lack of water and over-indulgence of alcohol from the day before. I drove as quickly as I dared to get to her house and eat something more substantial than the one egg omelet I had before going shopping.

We met at  Niccole's house, then went out to eat at Red Rock Café. I don't eat there a whole lot because it's out in the Village of Oak Creek, and there are similar cafes much closer to my house in West Sedona. However, I have dined there at least twice, and both times it was a delicious meal. Wearing my workout clothes and baseball cap, I felt more and more like a college student battling a hangover. Yuck!!!! When the waitress asked me what I wanted to drink, I quickly answered, "Sprite, please". When she came back with the lemon-lime tummy-bubbles, I felt like I was beginning my recovery process. I placed my order for the Half Biscuits and Gravy and explained to her, "I'm recovering from Mother's Day." She winked and said as she wrote on her order pad, "extra gravy."

Yeah, I can't explain it, but the few times that my body has suffered from and imbalance of water to alcohol ratio, biscuits and gravy seem to do the trick. I gave Niccole $6.00 for my part of the meal, and she put the balance on her card.

After a power nap, I felt well enough to do the food grocery shopping before picking up the kids. Mother's Day is get back to work!

Happy Mother's Day to all. I hope you were all able to celebrate in whatever way makes you feel the most appreciated.

Supper at Golden Dragon- $15.00
Late breakfast at Red Rock Café- $6.00

Balance this pay cycle- $79.00

Happy Spending!

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