Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blue Monday

We are in our third week of Summer vacation at this point, and it's pretty hard to believe. This break is flying by much faster than in years past. I'm not sure if it's because we have zero concrete plans or if it's because I now have two mobile and communicative children to keep me busy. Whatever the reason, we are now in a beautiful flow of having no schedule to adhere to. Creating our days as we go along, and rolling with all the surprises thrown at us with grace has become the norm at Casa Sheridan.

Yesterday I took the kids to the pool for the first time. (We all swam at the pool in Mexico, but this is our first trip to a pool in town this summer.) I had planned a library trip with our "to do" bulletin board, but when a friend called for a playdate, we all agreed the pool would be the best place to meet up.

Two hours of play at the Sedona Public Pool kept Carrick engaged and smiling. There were five other children from his class at the pool when we arrived! He was beyond thrilled to see everyone. (One of them was a child who transferred to the other Sedona School mid-year, and Carrick has not played with this boy in about three months. He was especially happy to see his old friend.) I splashed with Lily for about thirty minutes until she was too cold to stay in. Even though I only swam for half an hour, it was worth the $3.00 admission (and $2.00 for Carrick) to be at a pool where there are lifeguards to watch him, and other moms to talk to.

I sat with Lily on my lap and chatted away with two other mom friends of mine, catching up on how their summer was going, and what their plans are for the next few weeks. Knowing that Carrick had passed his swim test for playing in the deep end, I just relaxed and enjoyed my social time with my friends.

After the pool closed at 4:30, I took the kids home and made Carrick a snack bag for his jui-jitsu class. He attends the kids' class right before Corey's adult class, and they have "guy time". Meanwhile, I stay with Lily and enjoy our "girl time".

Lily and I went to share some pizza slices at Famous Pizza, then took a stroller walk around the neighborhood. We finished the night by sitting on the couch watching Friends on Netflix, (my favorite activity while Corey is out of the house.)

I feel like I am expertly navigating the summer break, as well as making my Fun Dollars count for something with my purchases. Whether I am funding an inexpensive activity with the kids, or enjoying a night on the couch, I can safely say there is nothing to be blue about other than the color of the pool.

Pool admission- $5.00
Pizza slices at Famous Pizza -$6.00 with tip.

Balance this pay cycle- $89.00
Happy Spending!

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