Monday, October 6, 2014

Bee Yourself

This weekend we started the hunt for Carrick's Halloween costume. I considered making his costume this year, but since we are without the "regulars" of home, I thought it would be smarter just to buy one. Lily has had her costume for months now. She inherited a Bee costume from a friend of ours. As soon as I saw it, I also knew that I wanted to be a Bee with her.

Yes, I'm kind of a sucker for matching, or coordinating themes with costumes. When Carrick was her age we bought him a tiger costume. I wore a white tank top with gold tiger stripes and bought white cat ears and a tail. Corey wore our friend's cheetah print Snuggie and wore cheetah ears (that I made from old black cat ears). We were a Collection of Cats that year.

I'm sure that Carrick won't want to be a Bee, or a flower, or a butterfly or a gardener, or anything related to what Lily and I are wearing. However, he is perfectly happy doing his own thing, and to "be himself". He loves to express his creativity, and wearing a costume is just another form of his creative expression. I think he may end up dressing as a t-rex or a race car Driver (again) this year.

Our costume hunt began at Goodwill. Corey was up exceptionally late the night before attending to wedding transportation. I wanted to give him some quiet time in the house to catch up on sleep, so I took the kids out on an "adventure" bright and early.

I found my own Bee costume at Goodwill for $4.99. It was the only Bee outfit that wasn't size Large. It was labeled "As Is", meaning there were no wings or antennae. I found a pair of wings separately for $.99. Yay! A Bee costume for $6.00! I can make antennae with a headband and some pipe cleaners, no problem.

While we were searching for Carrick's costume, the kids ran off to the toy aisle. While they were gone, I took that opportunity to grab two items without Carrick's knowledge. We didn't find the costume Carrick was looking for (turns out he does want to be a t-rex), but we did score some fantastic dress up items. They had a cowboy hat in really good condition for $1.99. I also snagged a breastplate with a Dragon on it.

He went to a birthday party last year that had "Lords and Ladies" as the theme. The party favors were foam swords and home-made shields. The shields were cut out from cardboard, and spray painted. The handles were made from bubble wrap and duct tape. He has played with his shield so much that the handle has broken. Lily put her teeth to work biting out the foam in the sword and spitting it out, so it too is out of commission. He loved both of these toys so much, that I want to repair the shield, replace the sword, and give them both with the breastplate as a Christmas Gift. ( We do re-gifting at our house for Christmas, which is a whole entry in itself for Fun Dollars.)

After our costume finds at Goodwill, we walked down the sidewalk to the newly remodeled Beall's Outlet. Lily found (yet another) pair of sandals. They were two sizes too big, so they will fit her next summer. I also found a set of hair bows for her. Lily's picture day is coming up, and she didn't have a blue hair bow to wear with her dress. I am so excited for my little girl's first picture day. She likes getting dressed up too, not with costumes, but with her everyday outfits and shoes to match. She likes to "be herself". There have been several dress-up dresses that she has inherited, but she's not as interested in them as she is her regular dresses.

When we returned home, Corey was up and at 'em, though still groggy. We were able to enjoy a relaxing day together as a family. We hit up the pool and hot tub, the kids played in the grass under a willow tree, and we grilled out on the patio for supper. Now that we have settled in and Corey's weekend of managing 4 weddings is over, we are able to enjoy being on "vacation" three blocks from home. We are able to "be ourselves" in our new environment. Thank goodness!

Costumes at Goodwill- $9.00
Hairbows and sandals at Beall's Outlet- $6.00
Balance this paycycle- $47.00
Happy Spending!

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