Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fashion Fun

I know I said Lily didn't need any more clothes, but that didn't stop me from spending some Fun Dollars on three dresses for her. I met with a friend for a playdate this week, and she handed me a bag of clothes for Lily. Most of the items were things that she either bought for really cheap, or were hand-me downs from other moms. Because her daughter was the second to wear everything in the bag, she didn't want any money for the clothes.

But then she pulled out a dress with the tags still on. An adorable pink and white organza dress with a pink cardigan. I have a weak spot for cute clothes, whether they are for Lily or Carrick. I could not say no. This dress was just too cute. Then she pulled out another dress, Cheetah print with a black jacket, still with the tags on it. The jacket came with faux fur on the collar...have mercy! It was too cute!

As if that weren't enough, my friend had yet another dress! A gorgeous red satin with a wide black sash. It looked very senorita. This one also had the tags on it. Three new dresses for Lily. "How much for all three?" I asked. She wanted $24.00, but all I had in my purse was a $20.00 and a $1.00. I gave her both and we called it even.

I as soon as we were home from the play date I washed all Lily's new clothes and organized them into outfits. There were like 6 pairs of jeans in that bag! Not to mention the dozen or so shirts. There were leggings, jackets, jammies and t-shrits too. The bag was overflowing with clothes. For three dresses and a bag of clothes, I was happy to pay $21.00 Fun Dollars. It was better than shopping. I got more for my money, and my kids got to play instead of whine in the shopping cart.

I will put the red and pink dresses away for Christmas, and let her wear the Cheetah print one this fall. If I keep that one until Christmas, she might outgrow it by then. But the other two are on the big side, so she can wear them longer.

Three new dresses for Lily (two are Christmas presents)- $21.00
Balance this pay cycle- $59.00
Happy Spending!

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