Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, as promised, I am coming to you from a brand new machine; a Lenovo Yoga (mini) to be exact. This white mini laptop folds over and becomes a tablet, fits in my purse and has me organized. My poor little acer netbook felt like an arthritic and senile grandmother compared to this little flash of technological lightning. I can now write up a post and not be interrupted by the computer randomly shutting down for 20 minutes to update. My birthday was on Sunday, so even though the Lenovo came today, It's still the best birthday present my husband has ever bought me.

On my actual birthday, I kept things pretty low-key. Usually I am so jazzed about my birthday, I'll tell anyone who will listen that I am celebrating my special day. I didn't even jokingly ask the theater employee if they gave a birthday discount when I bought my movie ticket on Sunday morning. Normally we go to church on Sundays, but for some reason there was no Sunday School or nursery care this week, so taking the kids to church was not an option. I decided to go see a movie with my best friend since we were on "sabbatical" for the Sabbath. What better movie to see on a day when I should be in church than 50 Shades of Grey? Honestly, it would not have been my first choice of movie; The Kingsmen looked way more up my alley. However, I had to skip out on a girls' night last Friday in order to get in a Valentine outing with Corey, and the girl's night was going to be opening night of 50 Shades of Grey. Since me and my best friend had to miss the girls' night, we decided to make up for it by going out for my birthday. We chose a time (and day) when our husbands would be at home to watch the kids.

After the movie, my friend and I went across the parking lot to Zainey's for frozen yogurt. I counted it as my birthday cake. Even though she bought my fro-yo, I still dropped $5.00 on a goodie cup to take home to Corey. Call it "paying the babysitter".

After seeing a very grown-up movie without my kiddos, and  eating frozen yogurt that I didn't have to share, I felt sufficiently celebrated for my birthday. However, we did do one more thing that day that made my 33rd revolution around the sun special; we took a family hike at sunset. Getting out into the fresh air and experiencing God's creation felt like I made up for the naughtiness of watching the movie during church time. My little darlings running around on top of Airport Mesa, Corey setting the pace and leading the family, sunset over the red rocks, the perfect end to a wonderful birthday.

Matinee Ticket and popcorn- $15.00

Frozen Yogurt for Corey at Zainey's- $5.00

Balance this pay cycle- $80.00

Happy Spending!

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