Sunday, February 22, 2015

Two Lunches

Wednesdays are my day off, every week, no matter what. Lily stays home with me, and Carrick has half days at school. Since the half days range from 12:15 release and 2:15 release, depending on what Wednesday it is, my Wednesdays are scheduled very loosely. Oftentimes, I do light laundry in the morning, and take off to go shopping sometime before lunch (assuming it's a 2:15 release). I usually take the kids to the park after I pick up Carrick from school and have meetups with other moms. Wednesdays are a low-stress day. I just do whatever comes to mind, with just a little regard for household duties.

Recently, I have found myself fantasizing about eating lunch out at Pizza Picazzo's. It's literally right around the corner from my house. I like going there because I can get a salad and a drink with a slice of organic pizza from their lunch menu. It's generally a kid-friendly place, so I dine with Lily sometimes when Carrick is at school. It's been a long time since I've gone there for lunch, and I was just feeling in the mood to go there this past Wednesday.

I decided it was going to be a girls' day. I dressed Lily in a dress with a black and white striped bodice and a denim skirt. I too wore black and white on top with a jean skirt, black leggings and my new black flats (I bought them with the pay cycle that I did not report recently.) We went to Beall's  Outlet first. There were a few things I wanted to price there, but I ended up finding some things for the kids as well. There was a How to Train Your Dragon T-shirt in the boy's section that screamed "Carrick!". It was blue, his favorite color, and had a picture of the main character with his dragon on it. The price tag said $4.15, but when the lady rang it up, it came up as a 90% discount, and was $.67 (from the original price)!!!!

I also found a really cute 3T shirt for Lily. It was pool blue with a little purple seahorse on it. It was $4.00 on clearance as well. I figured I should get her something too, since I was buying something for Carrick. As we strolled through the store, she fussed with the T-shirts, and kept talking about the "Dragon Shirt". Needless to say, when we arrived home, she escaped with the bag and emerged minutes later clad in the blue dragon shirt that came down to her knees. Apparently it's hers now. At $.67, I should just go back and buy the other one so they won't fight over it.

While shopping, I also bought myself another coffee travel mug. I might have an obsession with drink vessels. It was yet another one with the Eiffel Tower on it. I just like to have a spare one if my other one is in the dishwasher (or forgotten in the car for a few days.) As we were heading to the cash register, Shania Twain came on the store radio. "Man, I feel like a woman..." she sang as I checked out with Lily, underscoring the girl's day theme. The grand total at Beall's was $10.00.

Afterwards, Lily and I headed across the street to Pizza Picazzo's. I thought about saving a couple bucks and just getting a cheese slice with my combo. Instead, the words of my father in my birthday card surfaced in my mind; "Treat Yourself". So, I did, ordering my favorite slice of pizza; the Puttanesca. It's basically a Greek Salad on bread with cheese. Tomatos, freshly sliced basil, Kalamata Olives and artichokes. That's exactly why I went to Picazzo's. If I had ordered the plain cheese slice, I would have left there still craving pizza because it's the Puttanesca that I really wanted. I ordered their "spicy" Ceasar salad and a Ginger Beer with my combo. Both were super satisfying. Lily had a slice of cheese pizza, and a LOT of my ginger beer (ginger ale, but spicier).  She was the perfect little lunch date.

The next day, it was back to work, and I did not pack a lunch for myself. Since I had Fun Dollars, I figured I would take off for lunch and go out again. I called Corey and we planned to meet at India Palace. It's fast because it's a buffet, and it's about the same price at the lunch combos at Picazzo's. Also, it's super healthy homemade Indian food. I arrived there at 1:00 as agreed, and he wasn't there yet. Rather than wait for him and risk spending too much time out to lunch on a work day, I went inside and began my dining experience.

Half an hour later, Corey called to apologize for letting time slip away. Apparently he was working outside on the patio, sitting in the sun with his shirt off and he lost track of time. I would too if I were working from home in the sunshine. I wasn't mad, but it was strange feeling as though I had been stood my own husband!!!! He came into the restaurant several minutes later, gave me a hug and a kiss, and took off for the buffet. We did get a few minutes to chat, but I had to return to work ten minutes after he arrived. Oh well. Next time, I'll call to remind him on his work phone, not his personal phone, that we have a lunch date.

Two very different lunches with two people I love dearly.

Shirts and coffee mug at Beall's Outlet- $10.00
Lunch at Pizza Picazzo's- $21.00 (with tip)
Lunch at India Palace- $13.00 (with tip)

Balance this pay cycle- $21.00

Happy Spending!

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