Friday, February 20, 2015

Lip Service

Every month, a fabulous little magazine arrives in my mailbox. With some scape of Red Rock Country on the cover, the words Sedona Monthly grace the cover. This international periodical proudly highlights the best of what this artsy little tourist town has to offer. From hikes to nightlife, Sedona Monthly is the best publication about Sedona.

The cover of this magazine usually has (a) professional model(s) each month. One of the talented Sedona artists responsible for the hair an makeup of these models is Liz Margin.

Liz hails from the Big Apple, and has a personality to match. Her edgy and trendy style is apparent as soon as you meet her. As a veteran of hair and makeup arts on the big screen, she has experience to back up her chic style. She walks the talk.

As part of my birthday present, my best friend took me to Liz Margin's home studio for some one-on-one makeup time. She wanted to buy me a new lip color. Leave it to my bestie to know that I need a new lipstick. She had her own personal color consultation with Liz a couple weeks ago, and got the idea to take me there for my birthday. She knew Liz through Zumba class (they are both instructors now.)

I really enjoyed picking through all the lipsticks and lip glosses. I ended up purchasing the first color combo I tried on; Micro Latte Lipstick and Sugar Berry Lip Gloss. I liked these two colors together because they look like a more bold expression of my natural lip color. They just give my lips a little "pop".

The entire order was $40.00. My friend had set aside $25.00 to put towards the order, and I chipped in $15.00 Fun Dollars to cover the balance. I couldn't just get one, I had to have a lipstick and a gloss.

Liz Margin sells her cosmetic line at Favorite Clothing in Sedona, and you can check out her website at

New lip gloss- $15.00

Balance this pay cycle- $65.00

Happy Spending!

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