Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Delicious Dining

On my wonderful Saturday spree of thrifty shopping, I grabbed a lunch with some friends. While Carrick played at open gym for gymnastics with his friends, two of their mothers met up with me at School House Restaurant in Cottonwood. This classy-yet-casual eatery is one of those places I've heard people talk about, but had never been to. Since I only had Lily with me, I felt adventurous to try something new.

When we got there, I couldn't believe how small it was. I was worried that the three younger children who would be joining on our dining experience would be too much for such a cozy atmosphere. My worries were soon soothed as I stepped through the tiny glass doors. It opened up to a dining room in front of me and another room for seating off to the right. The glossy wooden tables were seated with black leather chairs reminiscent of IKEA. It had a very bistro feel. All the way in the back was a long table with booth seating against the wall and three chairs with their backs to the dining room. We were sat there. The back wall was a chalkboard with a mural done in chalk of a world map. In the space where the oceans would be is where they listed their wine and beer selections.

I ordered a Hudoo Beer and their burger from the lunch menu. The beer was quite tasty, but was dwarfed in deliciousness by the burger. They served it on a toasted English Muffin spread with a mustardy mayo. As soon as the bite hit my tongue, I had to pause to take in the experience happening in my mouth. Not since the Sheridan Chophouse in Telluride have I had such a mouth-watering burger. I was sure to tell our server how much I enjoyed my meal.

As our lunch progressed, the three children (all 2 and younger) were starting to express their need for a nap. We quickly paid and left, as the small dining room was now filled with spectators to our trio in concert. Us three mamas hurried across town just in time to pick up our eldest from open gym.

I call a beer and a burger out with friends a success, no matter how loud the kids were.

Lunch at School House Restaurant (including tip)- $17.00

Balance this pay cycle-$22.00

Happy Spending!

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