Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kickoff a New Week

...And indeed I did! We attended a Super Bowl party on Sunday, and my hubby and I each put $5.00 into the pool. Since neither of us won anything, we are both down $5.00 Fun Dollars. This, however was a small price to pay for the gourmet food (the host is a personal chef) and the kid-friendly environment in which we gathered. There were at least a dozen children there ranging from 8 months to 11 years.

The following day (Monday) I chauffeured my half-sick husband around Prescott in search of food and catering accessories (including a glass beverage dispenser, you know, the kind they have at hotels with fruit slices in them. Even though my husband went to urgent care the day before and was told he had an intestinal virus, he still had to find everything on the list that his boss gave him. They were hosting a large event at the gallery the very next day, and what we needed was not available in town. So, after dropping our son off at school, we took our little girl with us over the hill to the metropolis that is Prescott.

While we were there, we literally had to drive all over town hunting down the specific items on his boss's list. Somewhere between mini forks that are plastic but look like silver and an hours d'ouvres stop at Trader Joe's, we decided it was time to eat lunch. My husband is someone who pays close attention to what he eats. Salads are his lunch of choice. But after a weekend of gastro-intestinal intensity, he just wanted some comfort food. Add to it chilly winds and snow, and we were headed to Cracker Barrel. $25 dollars later (which we split) we were back on our goose-hunt.

Now it's Wednesday, my husband is feeling better, thanks to the narcotics the urgent care guy gave him, and the event at the gallery went off without a hitch, I am now heading to the bank to cash and deposit this week's paycheck. I will take out $144. We each spent $13 at Cracker Barrel, since we round up. Even though the total was $25. If we split it down the middle and each pay $12.50, we have to round it up to the next whole dollar. So that makes it like we spent $26.00. Then, we each contributed $5.00 to the pool. So, we will each receive $82.00 Fun Dollars, and our son will get $10.00.

Lunch at Cracker Barrel- $13.00 (That includes the tip)
Super Bowl Pool- $5.00

Balance this pay cycle- $82.00

Happy Spending!

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