Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting Better

So, in my continual battle to avoid taking my Fun Dollars to fast food places, I am getting better at putting the blinders on. This pay cycle, I only spent $5 on fast food. This is a vast improvement from my previous spending behavior. I spent $2.00 at Wendy's on a chicken sandwich, and $3.00 at Burger King for a large hash brown, which I split with the kids.

I think $5.00 is going to be my new "allowance" within my allowance for fast food. It's probably not realistic for me to ban fast food all together. But what I can do is get better at planning when I do outings with the kids, create meal plans so that I'm not hungry and trying to invent food to cook, and always carry snacks.

And with that, I finish my two week cycle of Fun Dollars.

Chicken sandwich at Wendy's- $2.00
Hash browns at Burger King- $3.00

Balance this pay cycle-$0

Happy Spending!

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