Friday, July 18, 2014

Dress to Impress

I survived the flight with both kids, two and half hours in the air. Since we live two time zones away from most of our family (the rest are three time zones away,) we have to make the most of each trip out east. So, that means that I get to fly out for an extra week of visiting family with the kids because Corey can only take one week off of work.

This year, one of my husband's cousins is getting married. We have missed all the other cousin weddings on this side of the family so far. Not only that, but the wedding is two days after our tenth anniversary. When we found out when the wedding would be, the wheels started turning in my mind to plan our anniversary around a family visit. Week #1, I get to spend one-on-one time with my sister (and by one-on-one time, I mean with two children in tow.) Corey will be joining us next week at his father's house. That way he only has to take off one week of work. I get to visit my side of the family while he's still at home. (We were able to visit my grandparents today, as well as my parents and uncles since they live closer to my sister's house.)

I packed lightly for this trip because I knew I would be spending time with my sister. She lives ten minutes from Woodfield Mall, and we always go shopping there when I come to visit. I decided to kill two birds with one stone on this particular shopping trip. Anniversary and Family Wedding combined mean: Rachael needs a new little black dress. The last one I owned has long since left my closet. It's the 6th anniversary model, which came complete with baby weight. It's time mommy got a new one.

Not only did I come on this trip without dress, I also came without proper footwear. I left everything except for two pairs of flip flops at home with the intention of buying a new pair of dress shoes after I found the right dress.

I haven't found the shoes yet, but I did find the dress yesterday! My sister and I each pushed a stroller (one was rented from the stroller cart at the mall) and we scoured three stores for dresses. It was only three stores because I found one at the right price that looked "just right" at the third store. With a price tag of $23.00 I walked out of there quite confident in my purchase.

I also found a pair of earrings to go with it for $9.00 at Charming Charlie. I also bought the kids a cup of pretzel bites at Cinnabon before we got started. I didn't want anyone fussy because they were "hungry" while we were shopping. The pretzel bites gave them something to do, and gave them the "full" feeling, so we were able to knock out our shopping mission in total peace.

I also promised Carrick a trip to the play zone if he stayed in the stroller the entire time. He did, happily occupied with Angry Birds on my phone (a real treat. Since dropping my phone in the pool, I have not allowed games to be played on my phone.) He was engrossed in his fantasy world of flying feathered friends as I tried on dress after dress.

After finishing up, as promised, we headed to the enormous play area. Lily had awoken from her nap minutes before we got there, so they both enjoyed running around.

Corey doesn't even know what this dress looks like yet. I can't wait to see his face when we go to the wedding. After ten years, it's still fun to dress to impress.

 pretzels- $5.00

Little Black Dress- $23.00

Earrings- $9.00

Balance this pay cycle- $34.00

Happy Spending!

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