Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This week is a big one for me. I get to visit with 90% of our family members (both Corey's and mine), attend a wedding, have dinner with an old friend, and celebrate an anniversary. And it's not just any anniversary, it's our tenth anniversary.

I know, you must be thinking, "Shouldn't you be on a beach somewhere?" It took me a couple weeks to get over the fact that our anniversary would not include palm trees and ocean breezes. I had to look at the facts and put feelings on the back burner. The fact is, Lily could not spend a week without her parents. Trying to get her to be okay without mom and dad while she stayed with grandparents would be a struggle (and probably a little traumatic) for her and those involved. She's just a little too young still.

The other fact is Corey's cousin is getting married two days after our anniversary. We knew about the wedding, and the date, last year. We have missed so many family get-togethers, Christmases, weddings, Bar-B-Qs, etc, that the thought of missing one more just because we live thousands of miles away seemed unbearable. Even though she's not my own blood cousin, it meant a lot to me to be able to watch her walk down the aisle. It's what happens after being in a family for ten years; you count them as your own family.

So, after we sold the house, I told Corey that we can plan our fabulous beach vacation (without kids) for next year or the year after that. We don't have to do something just because that's what you're "supposed" to do. We are our own family, we march to our own drum, and we will do what works for us.

Getting ready for our wedding, July 24, 2004
What works for us is spending our anniversary with family this year. We are going to go hiking at the state park where we exchanged vows ten years ago. I even brought my wedding dress to commemorate our "big day"...to be continued...

Coffee and water on the way home from picking Corey up from the airport- $2.00
balance from last pay cycle- $10.00
Balance from current pay cycle- $100.00

Happy Spending!

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