Monday, July 28, 2014

Heading Home

At the end of our visit in Illinois I not only have all of my Fun Dollars in tact for this pay cycle, I also have $3.00 left from the previous pay cycle! Never in Fun Dollars history have I started the second week of a pay cycle with this much cash in my pocket!

This was not entirely accidental, however. I actually had planned to spend the entirety of my Fun Dollars to hire my friend to do a special Anniversary Trash the Dress session. We were planning to meet up at the state park where we were married, and hike around getting dirty. Unfortunately, the photographer fell ill the night before we planned to meet, and the rest of our trip was already scheduled with travelling and a wedding, so we were unable to reschedule it.

My Little Black Dress that I
bought with my Fun Dollars
last pay cycle.

Maybe the next time I'm in town we can do Trash the Dress. I'm going to leave my wedding dress here in Illinois, just in case. So, due to the fact that what I had planned to spend my money on did not transpire, I now have all of it to travelling back home with me.

Also, I did not buy shoes for the wedding with my Fun Dollars. I asked for shoes as an anniversary gift! Corey took the whole family shopping the day he flew into Peoria because we all needed dress shoes. He said I could spend as much as I wanted to on shoes, an unlimited budget. A true gift, right? Guess how much this woman ended up spending? Out of the entire Grand Prairie Mall, I managed to drop a whopping $10.00 on my shoes! I could have bought them with my Fun Dollars! (They were actually $20.00, but because everything was BOGO, they ended up being half off.)

I already know what I am going to spend with at least part of my remaing Fun Dollars. I have the upcoming "Summer Fun Dollar Challenge", where I choose a winner from the people who tried to do a Fun Dollar system this summer. I will be awarding $50.00 of my own Fun Dollars to the winner. $25.00 of my Fun Dollars from this pay cycle will go towards that.
(Check out the post "Summer Fun Dollars Challenge from late May.)

I also would love to go garage-saling with my kids this upcoming weekend. My son starts school the first week of August, so it would be a really fun to take them out hunting for treasures. It's one of his favorite things to do with mom, and we haven't gone to a garage sale all summer long.

As for last week's balance, I spent some on snacks while we were travelling. I also hired Carrick to be my weekend photographer. I paid him $5.00 to take pictures at the wedding. The pictures used in this entry are all taken by Carrick. (Many of them ended up blurry and were of eyeballs or pockets. The ones used best captured the weekend.)

Balance this pay cycle-$100.00
Balance from previous pay cycle- $3.00
Happy Spending!

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