Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy 100!

Yay!!! To celebrate my 100th entry of Fun Dollars, I am celebrating the generosity of Fun Dollars!!!

At the beginning of June, I announced the "Fun Dollars Summer Challenge". This was a chance for the readers of this blog to set up their own Fun Dollars system, implement it, and use it all summer. At the end of the summer, I told them I would ask for their submissions in writing, telling me all about their experience with using Fun Dollars.

The time is drawing near for those of you who participated to start putting together your thoughts on Fun Dollars. This is the last week before submissions will be requested. What I am looking for in a winner are these elements:

1. How long did you use the Fun Dollars? Did it take you a day, a week, a month to set it up and use it? The longer you used them and stuck with it, the better your chances are for winning. I will have more to look at and to consider if you used it for a longer period of time.

2. How closely did you adhere to using Fun Dollars? Did you "cheat" by spending more than your Fun Dollars? Did you buy things with grocery money that should have been Fun Dollar purchases? "Cheating" won't necessarily ruin your chances of winning; if you did cheat, I want to hear about it. What did it feel like? Why did you do it? One of the reasons I am writing about Fun Dollars this year is because I found it hard not to cheat last year, so I definitely know how that feels.

3. Who else was involved with Fun Dollars? If you live alone, did you tell a friend or relative about what you were doing with your money? Or if you have a family, were they in on it too? Did you help anyone else set up their own Fun Dollars system? Were you "Fun Dollar Buddies" with anyone?

4. What were the challenges of using Fun Dollars? Were you tempted to spend more than what you had? If you did, what did you spend your money on? Were there times when you wanted to spend more but didn't? What were your regrets? What were your triumphs?

Consider these things as you put together your submissions for the Fun Dollars Summer Challenge. The winner will receive $50.00 of my own Fun Dollars. Good Luck, and Happy Spending!

Setting aside money for the Fun Dollar Summer Challenge Winner- $20.00 ($25.0 total so far. The balance will come out of subsequent Fun Dollar installments. I am building it up slowly so I can still spend some in the meantime.)
Balance this pay cycle- $0.00
Happy Spending!

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