Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School Blues

Today, my first baby went to kindergarten. Today, this mama ate chocolate.

I was good, and stuck to my "diet". I did not eat the comforting-on-the-surface chocolate. I ate the nourishes-the-soul chocolate; 72% cacao, Ghirardelli, Twilight Delight.

Actually, in my foggy, bewildered "how is my baby this old already?" state, I  would have bought the other kind of chocolate, the kind that tastes good but inflames the body, and has zero antioxidants. But, my steadfast husband, who cares about what I put into my body was the one who went to the store. (I was the one who chose to eat whatever he brought home.)

I didn't just eat the chocolate, I devoured it. And surprisingly, it worked. Whatever those chemicals are in the body that like chocolate and think that it's love or something were in full swing. As I chowed through each square, my feelings of denial of my baby growing up and my oldness soon melted away.

I thought buying Carrick a little something for his first day of school would also be a good idea. I didn't want to get him a super sugary something. I also didn't want him to think that every day would warrant a treat. But today is special. I also figured he'd be hungry when I picked him up. I had to set the "bar", and not make it too high. A Luna Bar fit the bill. It was just treaty enough to make him think it was something special, and just healthy enough, and filling that I wouldn't feel bad about giving it to him.

Since Lily was with me, I had to get her something too. She got to munch on a Honey Graham Kid's Cliff bar.

Our transition from first day of school to home was a success. Mommy's nerves were calmed by her chocolate, Carrick was treated with his chocolate, and Lily was glad to have something since everyone else had something too.

Ghirardelli Chocolate at Safeway- $2.00
Luna Bar and Kid's Cliff bar at Natural Grocers- $2.00
Balance this pay cycle- $86.00
Happy Spending!

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