Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adult Time

This is a new event in the Sheridan household....Adult Time. One of the outcomes of our family therapy was to carve out child-free time for Corey and me. We were seriously low on our time spent together without our kids running around and interrupting.

I laughed at the therapist when she said, "Well can't you just sit down and talk about (whatever it was)?" I laughed out loud, in her face, it was such a ridiculous request.

"Are you kidding me??? I am literally taking time out of my work day to be here because we have absolutely no time alone together." I replied incredulously.

Somehow between us moving and selling our house, Corey switching jobs, me returning to work, Carrick and Lily starting school, and all the other things that have happened in life, Corey and I have just flat out forgotten to spend time together. Most families put their kids to bed and the adults get to have evening time together. That wasn't happening either. We were all tired and crashing out around the same time (give or take half an hour.) I would put Lily down to sleep and fall asleep in the process. Corey would be in Carrick's room and the same thing would happen to him.

But, in the past month, we have been making some changes. Corey and I started getting up early, like at 6:00 a.m., just to have to some time to talk without the kids. That lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks, until the kids started getting up at the same time too. Then, I decided that drastic action had to be taken.

Carrick had been asking about tablets because some friends at school have them. I told him he could have a tablet if he slept in his bed, alone, all night until his birthday. (I think I will modify it to Christmas, just because we have a 22 hour car ride coming up around the holidays.) He was super excited about this prospect. So for the past week, I have Carrick brush his teeth and wait for me in his room while I put Lily down in her co-sleeper. Once she is asleep, I join Carrick in his room and read to him whatever book he picked out. Then I give him snuggles, a kiss goodnight, and shut the door. This way Corey doesn't end up falling asleep waiting for Carrick to crash for the night.

As a result, Corey and I have enjoyed a week's worth of late-night grown-up time. We watch Brooklyn 99, South Park, and Law & Order. We hang out, and sit together with no kids trying to get between us. (We also get some talking time in too.)

Last night, we ordered a late-night pizza, just because we could. We sat on the couch (normally we insist that everyone eats at the table to avoid messes in the living area.) We drank Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, and enjoyed our Adult Time.

( I also sold Carrick a slice of my leftover Cheese Pizza today for $2.00 of his Fun Dollars. Oh yes, I did.)

Cheese Pizza from Domino's- $9.00
12 pack Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale- $12.00
Balance this pay cycle- $66.00
Happy Spending!

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