Monday, November 10, 2014

Isn't She Lovely?

Determined not to loose track of my Fun Dollars this week, the very first purchase of the pay cycle was a wallet on amazon. I had been looking around town, but found nothing particularly "me". I also checked out Target recently, but couldn't find something that was "just right". I even allowed myself to look at the wallets at Dillard's on a Sunday afternoon family shopping trip. There was a gold Michael Kors wallet behind a glass case that just made me drool, but $95.00 was kind of out of my budget.

I was looking to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.00 I need a wallet, but I don't want to spend so much money that I won't have anything to put in it. Also, I wanted a wallet that completely opens up. The Michael Kors wallet unzips and only "peeks" open. (You know, because if it opened up completely I'd buy it, right?)

I decided that I needed a wallet "now", and I didn't want to search all over Sedona and Flagstaff trying to find a $10.00 wallet that opened all the way up. I came to the conclusion that was the place to go.  With free Prim shipping, and  hundreds of wallets to search from, I was sure to find the "perfect" wallet.

I as I searched for the perfect wallet, I narrowed my filters by color, size, prime eligible among several other factors. As I came across a wallet that looked like a good candidate, I added it to my wish list. After a few days of searching, I left it alone, then returned several days later with a fresh mind. I read some reviews and made my final choice.

And the winner is....

NEEWER® Leopard Faux Leather Card Long Wallet (Pink)

Isn't she lovely?
She will go nicely in my new purse.
No more loosing Fun Dollars. No more card showers from Lily.

Wallet from $13.00
Balance this pay cycle- $87.00
Happy Spending!

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