Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coffee and Doughnuts

I don't know what's come over me lately. I am just going to observe this new behavior and not judge it. This is the second doughnut in a month that I have bought with Fun Dollars. I'm kind of scratching my head about this one.

It all started out with choosing to relax after dinner on Thursday night. We had my best friend and her kids over for dinner after karate class. Carrick and her son are best friends also. Since they no longer attend the same daycare and are now in different schools, the boys really only get to see each other at karate class. Or, if us mamas decide to get together for a play date, then they also have a chance to hang out (but that happens less often now that school is in session). So the boys were happy to spend the evening playing in Carrick's room and running around the house pretending to be spies.

Corey had made a delicious split pea soup for dinner. My tummy was full of warm soup that night, and I was not getting up to do dishes or to pack cold lunches for Friday. That decision came around to bite me on Friday morning as I spent the 7:00 hour packing the kids' lunches. I was also making breakfast (and herding them around to get ready). Consequently, my lunch ended up getting the shaft. I hurriedly asked Corey to bring me some leftover soup to our family therapy session so I could take it back to work afterwards for my lunch break as I was heading out the door.

After dropping off the kids at school, I knew I would need something to eat before the 11:00 therapy session. Normally, I have an apple or a salad in my lunch bag that I eat as a mid-morning snack. Then I eat a late lunch around 1. After that, I eat whatever is left in my lunch (either the salad or the apple, etc.) in the car on the way to pick up the kids from school.

New York Bagel and Deli are right there at the stoplight where I turn from the school road to get on the the main road on my way to work. I debated about whether I should go to Circle K or NYBD to get a pre-therapy snack. I chose to support the local business, even though they cost more. I know that my Fun Dollars are doing more for the community with this purchase. A chocolate doughnut became my mid-morning snack. (Yes, I had enough willpower to keep it in the car and not eat it until I was on my way to the appointment.)

After school, I had planned to take Carrick on a shopping date. He and I get limited one-on-one time together. Lily is such a clingy girl, and she gets jealous if Carrick even if he sits on my lap. She will always crawl onto mommy's lap too. So, this was a time that Carrick and I could do something without Lily. We have done this before; I pick up Carrick from school just after 3, and we are back at the school before 4 to pick up Lily from daycare. We usually hit up Goodwill and Beall's Outlet on our shopping trips, just because they are right around the corner from school.

On this particular trip, I was on the hunt for (yet another) new travel coffee mug. The brown and gold one I bought from Starbucks back in February finally bit the dust. It had been dropped one too many times, and the lid cracked in such a way that it was unrepairable. I was delighted to see a new stock of travel mugs at Beall's. Right in front of the shelf were two with....the Eiffel Tower!!!! Yes, I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am a sucker for the Eiffel Tower logo. There was a black mug and a white mug. I asked Carrick which one I should get, and he pointed to the white one.

Now, add the coffee mug and the doughnut to the agave nectar purchase earlier this week. After going over our financial landscape (finally) we decided that we could trim the fat a little. Our coffee (and coffee additives) were costing us quite a pretty penny each month. By changing our coffee habits, we could save up to $50.00 a month! No joke! We are still in discussion as to how we are going to modify our coffee habits, but the one thing we agreed on was that agave nectar could be eliminated. I put up a fight over this one because I just don't like sugar in my coffee. I like the way agave nectar sweetens the coffee. But in the end, I acquiesced. I decided that if it was that important to me I could buy my own agave nectar and save the family the expense.

I took Lily to Whole Foods on Monday to buy the smallest bottle of agave nectar I could find. It was $5.00. I could live with that.

Coffee and doughnuts....maybe I should stop watching cop shows.

Coffee Mug at Beall's Outlet- $5.00
Agave Nectar at Whole Foods-$5.00
Chocolate Doughnut at NYBD-$2.00
Balance this pay cycle- $54.00
Happy Spending!

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