Saturday, November 8, 2014


I realized that my accounting was off in the last two posts. I did not subtract the $20.00 that I spent at Alcantara. I edited the posts to show the correct amount. That said, I still have $5.00 unaccounted for. I was completely out of Fun Dollars after I went to Taco Tuesday. So somewhere between grandpa's visit and Taco Tuesday, I either spent or misplaced $5.00.

That's the trouble with cash, there's no name on it, so you have to keep track of what's yours. It becomes trickier than you might think when there are tiny little hands that like to break into everything. Lily will pull out my purse in public and start throwing credit cards on the ground. I put a stop to it immediately, but you'd be surprised at how quickly she can play thief while I'm grocery shopping. The instant my back is turned to put broccoli in a produce bag, there she is, making it rain credit cards.

I don't think Lily is the reason I'm missing $5.00. I think there was some tiny little purchase somewhere in the pay cycle that I'm forgetting about. I did save my receipt for $6.00 at Whole Foods for pretzels, fruit bars and Fiji Water. I also still have the receipt from Target for $13.00 when I bought pressed powder (I finally got some) and a glittery purple notebook.

I also set aside $20.00 as promised for the Fun Dollars New Year's Giveaway. The total in the pot is now at $40.00. I am right on schedule to have $100.00 saved up to give to a lucky reader the first week of January. In the next pay cycle, I will be announcing the criteria for winning the $100.00, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I have added a new wallet to my Fun Dollars wish list. I had been using a clutch purse up until last week when I bought my "Brand New Bag". When I switched purses, all of a sudden, my card stash seemed to spread out all over the inside of my new handbag. I had no means of containment. In the clutch, all the cards were compacted together because there just wasn't that much room in the purse. Now, there's all sort of room. So, for security reasons, I think a wallet is a smart use of Fun Dollars, especially to keep track of them. A wallet will also put an extra barrier between my pick pocket daughter and my money.

Snacks at Whole Foods- $6.00
Makeup and Notebook at Target- $13.00
Money saved for the Fun Dollars New Years Giveaway- $20.00
Balance this pay cycle- $5.00 (Except it's missing)
Happy Spending!

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  1. I'm excited to hear about the contest! That's why I like using a card, then you can see how much you spent and where/ when you did it. Seems weird that we didnt always have online checking :)