Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

I was sitting in my pajamas at 7:15 on Monday night when my phone went, "ding dong", meaning I had a text message. It was Robin, a very good friend of mine who runs in the same mama circles as I do. It was her birthday, which I knew because of facebook, and she was inviting me out for a last minute get-together.

Corey had a late-night meeting, so I wasn't quite sure what time he would be home. I told her to let me know where she was going and when, and I would see if it was doable based on Corey's presence. Fortunately, he came home earlier than expected. Lily had fallen asleep, and thanks to Carrick's new bedtime routine, I was guaranteed the option of "going out".

As Carrick was putting on his jammies, and brushing his teeth, my phone went, "ding dong" again. This time it was another friend of mine who was also invited to the birthday celebration. She was informing me and the birthday girl that she would be DD, and that she would be at my house in 15 minutes.

Glee over my night out quickly turned into panic...15 minutes??? I am still in my jammies with no make up on or my hair done! But thankfully, I was able to pull an outfit, and slap on some makeup and (thanks to a recent haircut,) was able to curl my hair in a matter of minutes.

There were 5 of us moms out for our friend's birthday. It was so nice to get out without the kids (or hubby) and enjoy some girl time. I only had one drink (it was a school night, and a work night). I put $10.00 into the pool for the group tab, enough for my drink and a tip.


Tonight was Carrick's first school performance. The kids celebrated world cultures and sang songs from different courntries. Carrick was part of the group "Ambassadors from France." They sang "Frere Jaques" and "Alouette". He's been singing these songs at home for over a month now, so I will be glad that after tonight, they won't be practicing them at school anymore. I look forward to new songs being added to his repertoire. The admission fee for adults was $5.00, and $1.00 for students. Lily got in for free.

I was so proud to watch my little kindergartner up on the stage. He sang with such gusto that I could hear him over many of the other children. He sat quietly on the floor with the other ambassadors while other groups took their turns singing. Then, for the finale, all the ambassadors got up on the stage and sang together.

Their last song was "Happy".  The music teacher is also a DJ, so she had the music to the song without the lyrics being sung on a recording, kind of like karaoke. Carrick was front and center for this part, clearly visible to everyone. He started dancing and moving around a little during the song, and then, he busted out in karate moves! It was all I could do not to just loose it and crack up during their performance. It was totally worth the $6.00 to see my superstar debut his killer dance moves (and to support the school).

A drink and tip at Barking Frog with the Girls- $10.00
Admission to International Night- $6.00
Balance this pay cycle- $26.00
Happy Spending!

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