Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cafe Jose, Ole!

My dad flew in to Flagstaff Tuesday night and the whole family drove up the hill to pick him up. My son loves it when grandparents come to visit. He talks about it for weeks ahead of time.  One of his favorite things to do when my dad is in town is eat breakfast out. We don't go out to breakfast all that often, but when dad visits, we go several times.

For my son, this borderline obsession with eating out breakfast with my dad started a long time ago. My parents started a yearly tradition of coming out to visit separately in the spring, then making a second visit together in the late summer. On my dad's second solo spring visit, Carrick was a new walker, starting to make animal sounds, and really enjoyed eating sausage links.

I took a video of him sitting on my dad's lap eating sausage at Coffee Pot Restaurant. I would make playlists of Carrick's videos for him to watch instead of TV when he was younger. This video in particular became his favorite. He loved watching himself with his Dedah (that's his grandpa name for my dad.) He would talk about going to Coffee Pot when he was old enough to put words together. And every time his Dedah came out to visit after that, it was one of the first things he would ask Dedah to to with him.

So the first morning after my dad flew in for his annual spring solo visit, we decided that we would all eat breakfast out. Corey didn't have an early morning meeting, so he could go with us. Carrick didn't have school because I swapped his days around. I wanted him to be able to spend Dad's first day in Sedona playing with his Dedah. Of course, Carrick immediately chimed in with "Coffee Pot". But because it's tourist season, and Corey did have to go to work, we decided that it would be faster if we ate at Cafe Jose for breakfast.

Cafe Jose is one of our go-to places for eating out in Sedona. Their prices are unbeatable for sit-down dining. Their service is excellent, and they get their food out fast than McDonald's, no joke. As a bonus, they started offering gluten free pancakes and waffles, which I tried yesterday morning. Carrick and I split a strawberries and cream gluten free waffle. I got his strawberries and he got my whipped cream.

Dad picked up the tab and I volunteered to leave the tip. So $6.00 of Fun Dollars went towards breakfast out with Dad and the whole family.

Tip for Breakfast at Cafe Jose- $6.00

Balance this pay cycle-$41.00

Happy Spending!

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