Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mom and Me

My mother is visiting us this week. She flew across the country from Illinois to spend time with her grand kids. Extra people in the house is fun, but that also means that we are out doing things; shopping, eating out, seeing tourist sites, and hiking to name a few. These things also mean that I must give extra care to my Fun Dollars. It is way too easy to just go out and spend when family is in town. It's like being on vacation, but without leaving the comfort of home.

Yesterday, after I dropped Carrick off at school, Mom, Lily and I headed "over the hill" to Prescott. This road winds up and over Mingus Mountain, up to 7500 ft above sea level and has over 100 switchbacks. It's quite an experience. Mom has never been to Prescott, or on this stretch of road.  The view from 89A as you drop down the south side of Mingus Mountain is startling and wondrous. It feels like the setting for an old western movie; vast expanses of dry, wind-swept grass, horse ranches, and another set of mountains off in the distance.

Basically, we went there for the scenic drive. Once we arrived there, it was nothing more than a Target run. There was a decent list of things we needed for the house, as well as a few things for the kids. As soon as we walk in, I head for my favorite part of the store, the $1.00 bin section. Sometimes I find really cute or useful things hidden in this area, but yesterday, I saw their newest collection of plastic dinosaurs, and could not resist.

It's not like Carrick needs another dinosaur, he has a whole herd. But there's something joyful for me as a mom to present Carrick with a new dinosaur. Maybe it's connection that I'm looking for now that he is so independent. Whatever it is, I was compelled to pick up a T-rex (the family needs a new one since the old T-rex that I scored at the last clothing swap broke in half. It was free, so I can't complain.) I also picked up a velociraptor, since he doesn't have one yet.

For Lily, I came across a sippy cup for her with a straw and handles. We have been making smoothies quite a bit at the Sheridan house since we bought a NurtiBullet, and Lily doesn't have a spill-proof cup to drink from. So now she can enjoy a smoothie without someone else holding the straw and cup for her.

I also thought it a good idea to spring for a box of Cliff bars (Chocolate Mint) since they were on sale for $5.00. I always need something in my tote bag to munch on, and I'm getting tired of bananas.

After our Target run, mom treated me to lunch at Red Lobster. We kept it simple and relatively inexpensive. I left the tip, $5.00 on $20.

It was a fun day out with my mom. We had lots to talk about and catch up on. A relaxing scenic drive and some shopping did us both good.

Dinosaurs for Carrick- $2.00
Sippy Cup for Lily- $4.00
Cliff bars- $5.00
Tip at Red Lobster- $5.00

Balance this pay cycle- $$88.00

Happy Spending!

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