Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving Matters

During this moving process convenience has taken priority. We're talking mac n' cheese, frozen pizza, and fast food. We have been making smoothies with the NutriBullet, so we are not totally without some form of healthy food. However, the task of settling in to a new place while fixing up and packing up the old place is physically and emotionally draining.

I started the "going back to pack" process on Tuesday after a moving company transported all our furniture on Monday. We hired them for the big stuff and decided to save money by moving the small stuff ourselves. (And by "ourselves" I mean "myself". Corey has been at work while I did all the packing.) If you have ever moved, you know what I am talking about when I use the word "tidbits". All the tidbits are left when the furniture is gone.  All the legos, crumbs, puzzle pieces, missing forks, mis matched sox from under the couch....all the stuff too small and too random to make it into a categorical box, but stuff you don't want to just throw away.

My Fun Dollar purchases this week have been pretty random so far, but they all trace back to the moving process. On Tuesday afternoon, I dropped the kids off with a friend so I could pound out a good hour of tidbit packing. On my way to the house, I made a pit stop at Walgreen's. I realized I had been running around so much that I hadn't drank water all day!!!! So I picked up two ice cold bottles of (my favorite for the taste) Fiji water. They were 2 for $2.00. I also desperately needed chapstick. I didn't want to have to go through boxes to find it, I just needed it.

The next day, I found my spare pair of sunglasses while cleaning up the tidbits. My regular pair had become lost in the mix, and I was in need of some shade. I was excited to find them for like two seconds before I realized they had been stepped on and cracked. So I took myself to Bell's outlet and dropped $5.00 on a new pair of sunglasses.

I bought breakfast at Burger King for $3.00 and a soda for Carrick and me at Circle K for $2.00 on Thursday. And after all  this, mama needed some ice cream. So I went to Basha's and bought mint chocolate chip and chocolate fudge brownie for $6.00. Carrick was especially happy about this purchase.

At the beginning of the week I set aside $60.00 for when dad comes. I didn't even put it in my purse so that I wouldn't be tempted to spend more than the $20.00 with all this running around and packing. I have honored that and intend to stick to it. Although, I may have to dip into it to buy some more Easter candy. Guess who polished off the Easter candy I bought a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree? Yeah, moving can be stressful....

$4.00 at Walgreens for water and chapstick
$5.00 at Bell's Outlet for sunglasses
$3.00 at Burger King for breakfast
$2.00 at Circle K for soda
$6.00 at Basha's for ice cream

balance this pay cycle- $60.00

Happy Spending!

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