Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Living in the Big City

Wow, life in West Sedona is vastly different from the sleepy, secluded Broken Arrow neighborhood. I'll admit the street we live on is quieter than where we came from, despite being just around the corner from the main thoroughfare in town. Every hour there were 3-6 Pink Jeeps going to or from the trail head at our old house. But here, we only get the occasional car driving by.

The biggest difference lies in the location. Our property at our old place was on a half acre, surrounded by pine and pinon trees with red rocks towering over the treetops. Here we have nice views of the neighbor's houses and yards. Our old neighborhood had large, luxurious fenced in yards with gates and everyone had privacy, but with that came a sense of being cut off from everyone. It felt more like a vacation home, not a place to make a home with children.

We literally lived in a bubble at our old house, hiding away from the world. If we wanted to go anywhere in town, like to the grocery store or to take Carrick to school, it was a ten minute drive. The other night, our family took a walk around the new neighborhood and we ended up at the local fro-yo place. We all made our own specialty cups with mix and match toppings and then walked home. I was mortified that I was walking down 89A in my pink plaid pajama pants and bra less a Gap hoodie. (Pop goes the bubble.) I set out on our evening walk thinking we were just going to explore the neighborhood in semi darkness. I had no idea that the neighborhood would end up on the main street through town. Apparently we are just right around the corner from every thing.

I have to be even more careful with Fun Dollars now. I can just walk anywhere and spend them. I can walk around the corner to Picasso's and have lunch, or to Natural Grocers for a bag of avocado oil and lime potato chips, or to Bell's Outlet for shopping. Feel like a cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough County, New Zealand? No problem. Basha's is now a 2 minute drive. Don't want to make dinner? Why not order Domino's and walk there? The pizza will be ready just as we arrive from our walk. I have never lived this close to things. This will be an interesting challenge, living "urban" in Sedona and doing it with 20 less Fun Dollars than what I am used to. 

Corey picked up a bottle of (one of) my favorite wine(s) on Saturday after he got off work, a cold, crisp Nobilo. We did order pizza from Dominos, however, that was not a Fun Dollar Purchase, it was our leftover grocery money from the week before. The lesson here is restraint, on my part. Knowing how much easier it is to spend money now. It kind of turns spending into a whole new adventure. If my legs can get me there, I can spend the money. I don't know how people in bigger cities do it. How do you keep from going out to eat every night? Or buying a new outfit every day? What keeps you from just spending at will? Restraint, I guess. I get to exercise that muscle now. Amazon is one thing, but walking through a store feeling like "I deserve this because I walked here" is a whole other story.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc- $5.00 (we split it)
Frozen Yogurt at Zainey's-$5.00
Taco Bell lunch -$3.00

Balance this pay cycle- $47.00

Happy Spending!

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