Friday, April 25, 2014

Opposite Ends of the Food Spectrum

As I am tying up the loose ends of preparing our house for sale, I have been running back and forth across town quite a bit. I go to the old house to let in the handy man, the cleaning ladies, the plumber, and the floor cleaners, then back to the new house to unpack. Yesterday, after picking up some non-food groceries, I was in desperate need of some sustainence. With both kiddos and my dad in the car with me, I decided to spring for some Burger King. It was on the way to the old house, so that's where we stopped. A snack for everyone cost me a grand total of $6.00.

After stopping by the house to check on the floor cleaners and to drop off toilet paper, towels and soap for the bathrooms, I had to meet Corey at Azadi and drop off ribbon for him so he could ship some gifts. In the car as we were running our errands, I asked dad if there was any place in town where he wanted to especially go while he was visiting. "Well, there's always Elote, but I know that's probably not kid friendly." I told him that we have actually had success there with both children, mostly because we know how to work it. We go with the plan of waiting.

So when we went to Azadi to see Corey and to show dad their new store space, I asked Corey if he wanted to go to Elote for dinner. I told him I could contribute $30.00 Fun Dollars towards dinner. He said that would be fine and that we should go at 5:00 and out our names in. That would put us eating somewhere close to when Corey gets off work.

It was 5:56 when they called our name to be seated. Corey showed up right as we were waiting at the hostess stand for the hostess seating the guests to come back to get us. Perfect Timing. We had a wonderful meal and the children were manageable. Carrick played games on my phone and worked mazes in his dinosaur maze book that he bought with his own Fun Dollars. Lily dug through an old glittery purse that I made up for her. I decided to give her something new to play with to keep her occupied. I stuffed it with bracelets, neckalces, hairties, and bows and she had fun playing dress up.

All three of us adults ordered things from the menu that we had never had before. Corey tried the Scallops, I ordered the shrimp and spinach dish, and dad ate Carnitas for the first time. Carrick chowed down on Dad's bowl of rice and beans (they come as a "side dish" to all the entres at Elote.) Lily devoured mine and Corey polished off his. Corey and I each enjoyed a margarita, and in Corey's case, a martini as well. It was a delicious feast. The icing on the cake was when Chef Jeff Smedstead came over to our table to say Hello. Corey and I both worked there in the early days, before Elote was known nationwide as one of the best Mexican food restaurants. It is always a pleasure to catch up with Jeff and to rave about how wonderful the meal was.

From Burger King to gourmet Mexican at Elote, Fun Dollars turns into food more often than not. I insisted on leaving the tip because dad wanted to treat us to our Elote dinner. Thanks, Dad!

Snacks for everyone at Burger King- $6.00
Tip at Elote- $26.00

Balance this pay cycle- $15.00

Happy Spending!

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