Monday, June 9, 2014

Christmas in June

One of my New Year's Goals this year was to partially finance Christmas with my Fun Dollars. I did that somewhat this past Christmas. I used $40.00 of my Fun Dollars to buy Corey a cashmere and cotton sweater from L.L. Bean. I also bought some things for the kids at the c
hildren's consignment shop that went out of business. Everything was super discounted, so I managed to score some pretty nice deals.

After the experience of last Christmas, I was excited to repeat it. I truly enjoyed buying things for my immediate family with my Fun Dollars. As an added bonus, not using as much of our bank money to fund Christmas was an extra gift to Corey. (And as many of us know, husbands can be the hardest people to give gifts to.)

Yesterday, after Lily went down for a nap, and Carrick was happily taking quiet time, I told Corey I was going out shopping. Two of my favorite places to shop are right around the corner from our house now, Goodwill and Bell's Outlet. Even though I hosted  a clothing swap several weeks ago, my inventory of "bottoms" is surprisingly low. I have a skirt, a pair of capris, and two sets of leggings that actually fit and flatter me. (I have some things that are a little big and baggy, those are just for wearing around the house.) And after looking at my shirts, I realized that most of them are just too fancy (and too hot, they are all polyester) for wearing around town for summer activities with the kids.

So, off to Goodwill to start my afternoon of ALONE TIME SHOPPING!!!!! (I heard a store clerk say to some kids that were running around the store, "Please don't run, there are older people shopping here..." blah blah blah....and I was thankful that it wasn't my kids she was talking to.) I found three light-weight shirts that worked with what I already have, and since they were the special sale color of yellow, that meant they were only $1.00 each.

I also found the cutest little doll house/castle for Lily, which only set me back $5.00. I am so putting that in her Christmas box for later. I also found a sock monkey winter hat for Carrick and a rubber stamp (stocking stuffer). He is really into anything that can be put onto paper right now, stamps, markers, color pencils, etc. I will keep looking for more stamps and probably get him a couple ink pads to go with them before Christmas.

I also picked up the cutest pink polka-dot "table cloth" for Lily's next birthday party. Since her birthday is two weeks after Christmas, it never hurts to be proactive and buy things a few months out. It lessens the financial strain right after the holidays. In addition to the table cloth I also found a cute little pink purse for Lily. She is so into shoes and purses, I figured it would be a fun present, whether it's Christmas or birthday.

I finished off my alone time by checking out Bell's for some pants or shorts. I didn't find anything I was in love with, so I left there with a trio of pink stud earrings. I have one pair of earrings I can wear that Lily can't grab, so I thought I'd just add to that collection a bit. She also likes to take my earrings for walks around the house, so the one pair I do own, I have no idea where they are.

As the year progresses, I hope to add to my pile of Christmas items via Fun Dollars. This year, I would like to get things for my "extended" family as well. Since we will 90% likely visit Illinois during the Christmas season this year, I would love to have presents already ready. More of our Christmas budget will be spent on travel than usual, so helping out with Fun Dollars will be one way I can give back.

And speaking of giving back, make sure to check out the post "Summer Fun Dollars Challenge" if you haven't already. You might like what you read ;)

3 shirts, a castle, a purse, a stamp and a money hat at Goodwill- $16.00
trio of stud earrings at Bell's Outlet-$3.00

Balance this pay cycle-$81.00

Happy Spending!

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