Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Something Fun

Swimming in the pool, having splishy splashy fun,
Carrick told me he was tired and finished with the sun.
We had been there for two hours, and my girl needed a nap,
So Carrick swam ashore, in a final swimming lap.

We packed up all our floaties, our goggles and our toys,
I put Lily in the stroller where she made her napping noise.
As soon as we were rolling, her eyes began to close,
"What do you want for lunch?" I asked, and pizza's what he chose.

I thought about his answer and the places I could go,
But none of them had drive-through, so I'd have to tell him "no".
Then I thought of one place that serves it really fast,
I could pop in really quickly and make a pizza dash.

I kept the car on, running the air and locked the door,
Inside the pizza place, there was no one on the floor.
And then a person popped up and said to me, "Hello",
"I'd like some pizza slices, and please make them to-go."

They were ready in a jiffy, while I filled our soda cups
Sprite and Dr. Pepper filled them all the way up.
I was back in three minutes, Lily didn't make a peep.
Carrick took his slices, and Lily stayed asleep.

I ate my two slices, and Carrick ate just one.
(He wanted one for Lily for when her nap was done).
Our tummies full of pizza and our bodies nice and cool,
That's how I spent 12 Fun Dollars after swimming the pool.

4 Cheese slices and 2 sodas at Famous Pizza-$12.00
Balance this pay cycle-$88.00
Happy Spending!

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