Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Half Baked

Half Baked. Yeah, it's exactly what you cream. Good ol' Ben N' Jerry's. A soothing swirl of vanilla and chocolate ice cream punctuated with hunks of cookie dough and fudgey brownie. It's for those of us who can't decide and just want to eat something right out of the carton. As healthy as I want to be this summer, I still need a little sugar, a little sweet treat that's not fruit derived. I call it my fast-food/junk-food pacifier. I refuse to go to a drive through window now (unless we are on the road and it's beans from Taco Bell. It's the only fast-food option that has been "Corey Approved".) And while I fully understand that my body does not need junk, I firmly believe in the moderation principle to spur on success.

Also, if I have this delicious tub of heaven sitting in my freezer, I can sneak a bite here and there when I get a craving for chocolate, or ice cream, or sugar, and be done with one bite. That way, I am not exposing my kids to it. You know as well as I do that I can't just go to Baskin Robbins and get myself something and not buy the kids something. Hello! But what I can do is take a bite when no one is watching. One bite.

I bought the tub in secret as well. Carrick woke up sick (again) this morning, and this time it was at 6:30 a.m.! He usually sleeps in at least an hour past that. His whining about how yucky he felt woke Lily up too. Corey ran a bath for Carrick to cool him off and calm him down, which meant that Lily was in there in a heartbeat. There's not a bath or shower in this house that goes down without her knowledge. Girlfriend loves the water. Since she also had a fever as of this morning, Corey helped her into the bathtub as well.

With the little ones occupied, I quickly ate breakfast and left to get some supplies for my day alone with two sick children; chicken soup, an orange, an onion (to put around the bed), eggs (since we were out after my breakfast), and something for me to keep sane. I walked past the protein bars, the bulk bins, the cookies, none of them gave me the feeling of parting with my Fun Dollars. Then, down the frozen foods aisle, I found the glorious sale of my favorite ice cream. Ben N' Jerry's Half Baked for $3.00.

On the way into the grocery store I saw that the Red Rock News for today contained the spread from the new Splash Pad that opened up last week. I spent the change from the $4.00 I gave the cashier to buy a copy of the paper. I also spent another $1.00 to grab a copy for my  mom.

So here I am, halfway through my day, Half Baked and happy :) Carrick is watching a movie and Lily is passed out for her second nap. Thank goodness for Fun Dollars, and some help from my friends Ben and Jerry.

Half Baked Ice Cream and two newspapers- $5.00

Balance this pay cycle- $76.00

Happy Spending!

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