Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Girl" Stuff

I can't hide it, I can't fake it. Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter cups were $.49 at Walgreen's, so I bought two of each, and, yes, I ate all of them. Sugar, chocolate, GMO crap....yes...I know.....

I also bought a pair of pink sparkle croc-like sandals for Lily. They were on summer clearance for $1.79. She already owns a lavender pair that's identical to the ones I bought her. I'm not sure if its cute, or if I should start being concerned that this girl who isn't even two yet has a shoe fetish.

I did not go to Walgreen's for chocolate or shoes, I went there for another feminine product...makeup. Over the summer, my makeup habits, which used to border on obsessive, were dialed down a notch. I used to rarely leave the house without eyebrows and mascara painted on. Now, I'm lucky if I think about running a brush through my hair. I just pop on my zebra fedora and leave.

I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have before. I feel like a wine that has sat on the shelf long enough to be uncorked. I like who I am, and what I look like, I don't need to hide behind makeup on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I have never struggled with self-esteem issues, or hated the person I see in the mirror. Quite the contrary, I loved the person in the mirror so much that I wanted to look at her all the time...especially if she had makeup on.

Over the years, I accumulated a well-rounded collection of makeup. Most recently, I had been focusing my spending on Mary Kay products. I liked the customer service that came with ordering from a consultant, as well as trying out all the samples before buying. But over the summer, tiny little fingers found themselves in my Mary Kay stash. One by one my lipsticks became finger paints, and at $18.00 a pop, I was not about to replace them. Slowly but surely, my makeup collection dwindled from pageant-ready to pauper. Well, maybe not totally pauper, more like "Mom has more important things to do besides sit at her vanity putting on makeup."

So, the time had finally come to restock some of what Lily destroyed this summer. Basically I have some blush and mascara left, and an almost-stub of my favorite eyebrow pencil. I decided that the new cosmetic line at Walgreen's, No.7, was a good middle-ground for makeup; it's not as expensive as Mary Kay, but it's not Cover Girl, either. Also, there is always a trained No. 7 consultant available to help sample and try on colors before buying, one of the reasons I was so loyal to Mary Kay.

But when I arrived at Walgreen's, ready to spend, the No. 7 consultant was no where to be seen. Instead, there was a new Walgreen's employee who clearly needed a few lessons in customer service. I looked at several different products while waiting for her to at least say "hi" to me. Then when she finally got around to acknowledging me, it turned out they were all out of stock of the few products I was looking at. (Let it be known that the No.7 lady is not a Walgreen's employee. She is hired by the makeup line to sell their product, which is why she is so knowledgeable. This woman who was "helping" me was an employee of the store, and clearly had no idea what was going on.) I left there with no makeup, and 4 candy bars and a pair of pink sparkle sandals that had already found their way onto Lily's feet.

So, back to my confession about chocolate: Mama just needed some. I might need to make a maca powder shake today instead of eating more chocolate. You know, "girl" stuff.

Kit Kats and Reese's Peatnut Butter Cups and Sandals at Walgreen's- $4.00
Balance this pay cycle- $96.00
Happy Spending!

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