Tuesday, September 9, 2014


And after a night out, where wine was free and friends wanted to buy us drinks, I drug myself to Burger King for some hot, greasy hash browns. Nothing like hash browns after a party. I feel this way so rarely, but I do know what to do, just in case... drink water, and eat hash browns.

I also kind of forgot that I had a doctor's appointment in the morning as well. If that had been on my radar, I might have toned it down a bit at the dinner/auction. 3 drinks has a way different effect on me, now that Corey and I are not buying alcohol regularly. This particular doctor's appointment was my first (non-pregnancy) checkup in over ten years. Even semi-hungover, I was still given a clean bill of health. Not too shabby. I just gotta stick to what I'm doing that keeps me healthy, like not drinking in excess.

Hash Browns at Burger King- $2.00
Balance this pay cycle- $41.00
Happy Spending!

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