Friday, September 12, 2014

She Works Hard for the Money


I decided a long time ago that I was not going to pursue a career, so I have taken a string of easy, comfortable, mediocre-paying jobs. I wouldn't call myself lazy, but I would call myself "not driven". I just haven't found what truly sparks a fire inside me yet. Also, I refuse to give myself to start down a career path that doesn't light up that soul fire. If I am going to spend more time with my job than I do with my kids (or close to it), it has to really be worth it, and so far, that job has not crossed my path yet. So for the time-being, I am going to continue working at easy, comfortable jobs.

About a month ago, I was walking back to the car after dropping Carrick off at school and I started talking with one of my mom friends. Her child is in Carrick's kindergarten class. The boys also spent two years at the same preschool. We know the same moms and run in the same circles enough that we have become acquainted with each other.

So, as we were chit-chatting about life on that particular school day, I was telling her about how I had to go back to work this fall. I sighed and rolled my eyes, "I'll probably end up waiting tables." In a tourist town with retired millionaires, serving tables can be very lucrative, but it's just not a job that I feel like I am best suited for. I have served tables before, and sometimes, it got downright disastrous. I remember serving a guy a side salad before bringing out his entree...a salad. I had no idea that what he ordered was a salad. I remember watching him eat his entree with this look on his face like, "Didn't I just eat my salad? Now I have to eat this even bigger salad?" I am not a good waitress by any stretch of the imagination. But I can do it to make money for the family.

So, my friend asked me, "is that what you really want to do?"

Of course I replied "No," then added, "But what choice do I have? I am going to apply somewhere that has a breakfast and lunch shift so that I am guaranteed to be out by the time school lets out. What else will work with that schedule?" Sedona is a small town, and part of the agreement I had with Corey about work is that whatever job I took had to be in town. My last job before Lily was in the picture was super-fun and flexible, but it was also a 15 minute commute. So, the wage I was receiving barely covered gas and daycare. It's a struggle I'm sure many parents face; I have to somehow work and earn enough to cover the cost of childcare and have some left over to help out with the family.

I help make these.
So my friend, who is an artist, told me how she needed help in her studio. She was willing to pay me enough to cover Lily's daycare costs (plus some extra) and give me hours that work with Carrick's kindergarten schedule. The most important aspect of this job, however, lies in the work that's needed. Making jewelry (and helping out with clerical tasks), is not as emotionally and physically demanding as serving tables. When I was telling Corey about this potential job, I informed him that it would leave me with enough steam leftover to keep up with the house and kids. Aside from pay, that is the most important aspect for both Corey and me. Whatever job I take, I can't let the house go, or be too tired to care for the kids. Since Corey works 85% from home, the state of the house matters.

With great joy and anticipation, I counted down the days until Lily started daycare, and I started work. After being out of the workforce for 20 months (I left when Lily was born), I felt ready. This Tuesday, the day finally came. Corey and I both took Lily to her first ever day of daycare. I was able to keep up with the domestic needs of the house and family as well as earn some cash. However, I still won't clean the toilets, so I gladly paid my lady $40.00 this week. She mopped too. After two days of work, I was relieved to walk in to a clean house. She even made our bed this week. At least someone works hard for the money. Not me, I enjoy working, because there's nothing hard about it.

Cleaning Lady-$40.00
Balance this pay cycle- $1.00
Happy Spending!

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