Friday, September 5, 2014

Hot Lunch

I finally stopped by the office at Carrick's school to ask about his lunch program. It occurred to me that the spare Fun Dollars I had saved up had helped fund Carrick's lunch for the week that my parents were visiting. Every day, I would scramble around, searching for $2.75. The paper money came out of my purse, and the coins came out of our coin stash. I didn't really realize it before, but I was using Fun Dollars to buy him hot lunch.

I didn't want to mess with groceries or packing a lunch while my parents were here. I just dropped him off each morning and picked him up each afternoon. Even though it only takes me five minutes to pack a lunch, I was focused on other things. Taking lunch out of the morning equation meant a little more time spent with family. Sound silly, I know, but when family lives 1,500 miles away, every second counts.

Carrick and Dedah hiking
Also, Carrick spent a few mornings over at the hotel before school. His favorite thing in the world when his "Dedah" is visiting is to eat breakfast with him. So dining on a waffle from the breakfast nook at the hotel was pure bliss to this little five-year-old. Telling Dedah all about his dreams, about his teacher, and about what wonderful things he was going to do at school that day filled his breakfast time with my father. I would gladly pay $2.00 to be able to give him a small window of time with Dedah before school. I'm not going to try to recover the money. I am happy knowing that it went to a good cause.

Now that I know about the online account, I can set that up for Carrick. No more scrounging around for things to pack in a cold lunch, or digging in my purse for $2.00. I can just use my debit card to plunk more money in his account as needed and he won't have to carry Ziploc bags of money to school every day.

There is so much to learn when a child goes to school for the first time. Preschool pales in comparison. I just have to put on my big girl britches and be a real mom. I have a kindergartner now.

Missing Fun Dollars- $10.00 bottle of wine, and $10.00 for 5 hot lunches.

Happy Spending!

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