Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Dinner Gift

At the end of week one, I look back and think, "This is an improvement from previous weeks with fun dollars." To an outsider, who hasn't been with me on my journey thus far, it may look a little more bleak than that. But the fact that I had even half my fun dollars left by Saturday night is a huge accomplishment! Normally, I burn through the fun dollars way faster than this.

Last night, my gift to myself was to contribute to dinner-to-go from Plaza Bonita. We were not only at the end of our week when food is normally low anyway, but at the end of a week of not really grocery shopping. Furthermore, this week I was sick, and the house was a mess, so I spent my time cleaning rather than cooking on Saturday. With more than half my fun dollars remaining, I told Corey I would put up $20 fun dollars for supper. He ordered, I picked it up, and with just enough for a tip, I left two twenty dollars bills on the receipt. (Corey paid me back a 20 spot when I got home.)

I so very much appreciated having a hot, delicious dinner with my family that didn't involve a late-night trip to the grocery store. I would dub this purchase much worthier of my fun dollars than Burger King, even though it is still yet another food purchase.

Today at the grocery store I bought gluten free pretzels for a snack for me as well as a bouquet of purple alstromeria lillies. It has been a long time since I've bought flowers. I needed something on my kitchen table now that the Holiday season is over.

$20.00 for Plaza Bonita dinner
$11.00 on Gluten Free pretzels and Lillies at the grocery store

Balance this pay cycle $26.00

Happy Spending!

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  1. I truly love reading these! You are so right about looking back and having something to "show" for your fun dollars...abundance to you!