Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Night Fun

SO, for Friday nigh fun with Fun Dollars.....

I dropped $8.00 on Bogle Chardonnay at Safeway. I usually don't like chardonnay, but, as I had it the other night with chicken, and liked it, I decided to give it a second shot to see if it really was all that...without chicken.

I was diligent with making supper tonight and created a healthy and delicious stir fry to go with my chardonnay purchase. (Let it be public knowledge that my hubby and I finished it off together before tonight's post.) This is part of what makes Fun Dollars fun :)

So, after our family meeting, a generous portion of stir fry, and the latest episode of Community, our Domino's order arrived at our doorstep. I am now down another $8.00 O' Fun.

Bogle Chardonnay- $8.00
Domino's- $8.00

Balance this pay cycle- $44.00

Happy Spending!

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