Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie Day for Mommy

I forgot to include my $3.00 Americano from Starbucks when we went grocery shopping yesterday. Plans for morning coffee didn't happen, so a mid-afternoon cuppa happened instead.

Today I did go to the movie I was planning to see last week. Thankfully the Sedona 6 was still showing Saving Mr. Banks (I love movies that tell the 'behind the story' story, like Julie & Julia). Since the movie is on its third or fourth week in the theaters, there were only 4 other bodies sharing the theater with me today. I took Lily with me and she napped the entire time. A matinee by myself with a sleeping baby was $13.00 worth of pure heaven. I used my stashed 'earmark' twenty for this one.

Adding in the EarMark money- +$20.00
Movie, popcorn and loyalty cup beverage- $13.00
Grande Americano at Safeway Starbucks- $3.00

Balance for this pay cycle $24.00

Happy Spending!

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