Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bogle Pinot Noir 2012

I realized that we were out of deli meat for Carrick's lunch tomorrow. So I packed up the kids and took them for an afternoon run to Basha's. I had to pick up Corey's pants at the tailor anyway. Our family doesn't usually shop at Basha's, and I wanted a change of venue for our excursion.

I had the craving for lamb earlier this week, so I got what was on sale as well as a head of organic brocoli to make with it. Then I thought, "If I'm going to make a nice meal tonight, why not get a bottle of wine to go with it? I knew that a Pinot Noir would taste best with the lamb. Pinot also happens to be towards the lower end of my like list when it comes to wine. I much more prefer a good wine blend, an ancient vine Zinfandel, or a bold Cabernet Sauvingon.

I really wanted to make a nice dinner, since the house was clean. So very rarely does Corey get to come home to a clean house as well as a cooked meal. Normally he makes the food. He's just better at it. So determined was I to make this magical evening, that I used 12 fun dollars to buy a Pinot Noir to pair with the lamb. I bought it full out knowing it's not my favorite. I bought it with the intention to share it as well. That is one of the perks of fun dollars, sharing. I get to choose when and how I share my fun dollars. Sometimes that means letting others imbibe in the bottle of wine I purchased.

Sometimes spending fun dollars is more about the experience than the actual purchase. If I had it my way, I'd be sipping on Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel right now. Instead, I am eating salsa that Corey brought home from Javelina Cantina. He didn't eat till 4:30 this afternoon. So he wasn't even hungry for lamb when he got home. He did, however eat one little lamb steak with a glass of the Bogle Pinot Noir. He agreed, they paired well together. Hearing that made it worth it all.

Bogle Pinot Noir $12.00
Small Wendy's Frosty $2.00

Balance this pay cycle $10.00

Happy Spending!

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