Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Breakfast with Friends

Over the course of the past few years, a group of moms in my community have created a very active network. They plan meet ups that range from park visits to clothing swaps, wine tastings to trail hikes. We do it all. One of the most recent meet ups was breakfast in the canyon at a historic (and newly remodeled) country store. They sell wine, beer, energy drinks, local produce, candy, pastries, as well as breakfast and lunch from their full kitchen. The new owners are actually a couple who are a part of our parenting network. So not only are we patronizing a locally owned and historic business, we are also patronizing the business of friends when we plan meet ups there.

Yesterday was an exceptionally enjoyable meet up. There were four of us moms who showed up. Since the outside patio area was under construction, it was a good thing we planned a meet up for when our oldest children were in school. All of us who came have two children, and all of our oldest ones are the same age, 4 going on 5 this year. We arrived with just our youngest in tow yesterday, which made our meet up more manageable. Usually, the patio is available, and since it's outside, the kids can run and play. (It's also fenced in, so it's pretty safe.) But since we were hanging out inside, the smaller group was ideal.

One of the other perks of going to this particular country store is that the wife who owns it is gluten intolerant. Under the old management, there were no gluten free options on the menu. Now that she is in the picture, there is a nice variety of gluten free as well as regular options. I chose to try their gluten free waffles yesterday. They were made with blue corn and came with a mixed berry compote. It was heaven! I could barely tell there was corn in the waffles, and with the berries (and whipped cream) I didn't need syrup or anything! I spent $12.00 on the waffles and a large coffee. I shared a relaxing breakfast out with some of my favorite ladies at a local (and friend-owned) business. This was Fun Dollars well spent.

Blue corn waffles and a large coffee at Indian Gardens- $12.00

Balance this pay cycle- $24.00

Happy Spending!

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