Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Week, New Dollars

Starting on Sunday, Corey and I each received our next installment of Fun Dollars. Even though the banks were not open, we still get them on Sunday. It's the beginning of the week. What we do is track what we spend (if there are any purchases made) before we actually cash his paycheck. We just deduct that amount from what we get back in cash when we do make it to the bank on a pay week. This is our newest amendment to the Fun Dollars system.

I spent my remaining Fun Dollar from the last pay cycle at Family Dollar. We were getting decorations for our son's birthday party and I saw a small crossword book. Nerdy, I know, but I do enjoy the easy crosswords. It's my "zone out" thing. I don't do Candy Crush.

On Sunday evening, Corey and I were both famished after an evening lecture that spanned the dinner hour. I offered to spring for a Brooklyn style Domino's pizza. That set me back $8.00. Everything was half price, so I thought I'd treat us all to some pizza.

I also owed my Mary Kay lady $11.00 for some makeup. So, before we even cashed the paycheck, I was already down $19.00. Add to that a MLK Day lunch out with the family in Flagstaff, and I was now down another $10.00. I did en joy the lunch, and it was a much better expenditure of money than going to Burger King.

You might be wondering how all these purchases are all even dollar amounts. One of our "rules" to Fun Dollars is that we save our change. So every 6 months, we cash in our coins that we saved from our Fun Dollar purchases and we put them in the bank. It only adds up to about $50 every 6 months or so, but hey, it's almost like free money. We can pay our Internet bill with that. Every purchase gets rounded up when I report it. The makeup was only $10.70, but when I account for it to deduct from the pending pay check, I will count it as $11.00.

So this afternoon, it's off to the bank. I will only take out $171. Corey gets $90 (he contributed $10.00 to our Olive Garden lunch out), I get $70, and our son gets $10.

I am also going to set aside $20.00 for next week's lunch out with my mama friends.

Domino's- $8.00
Olive Garden- $10.00
Mary Kay makeup- $11.00

Balance this pay cycle- $71.00

Happy Spending!

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