Friday, January 10, 2014


Today I was reminded of a valuable lesson as a consumer, Satisfaction is (almost) everything. Today after taking Lily to the Dr. for her one year check up, I stopped into Beall's Outlet store. In Sedona it's one of the few places to shop that isn't an expensive boutique or grocery store. Lily had fallen asleep in her car seat and I wanted to take advantage of her sleep time while I could.

I go to Beall's on Friday because people under 50 get an extra 15% off. So, if I'm going to shop there, why not wait till I know I will get an automatic discount? I was on a mission. At the top of my "I Want" list is a To-Go coffee mug and a "mine at home" coffee mug. Both of mine broke in the month of December.

As I looked through the shelves of housewares, I came across several options for both kinds of mugs. As I held them, looked at them, clicked the lids, and tested the "spillability" I wasn't quite sold on any of them. Some at home mugs had teeny tiny handles, some were too top heavy, and therefore easily spilled by table bumps or little hands. Some of the To-Go mugs had lids that were hard to remove, or hard to click open. Other just had ugly designs. I refuse to settle. These are things I will use every day. I want to feel a sense of satisfaction when I wrap my lips around them and sip the nectar of morning.

Call it picky, but I call it not wasting my fun dollars. I want to be sure that I will truly enjoy and appreciate what I spent my money on. I think that somehow this links in to America's mindset of disposability, "Well, if I don't like it, I can just get a new one." I might throw my money away on food, but when it comes to personal things like clothing or accessories I am very judicious about what I buy. I don't buy something that I am not truly in love with. I call that "settling". I don't settle. I hunt. I search until that perfect purchase walks into my shopping cart and comes home with me.

So, because I was not completely satisfied with what I saw today, I passed on the purchase. I'll wait till next Friday after a new shipment comes in and I still get my 15% off.

Moving right along, I was suuuuuuper hungry by the time we were done with the Dr. appointment and a quick browse through Beall's. So, instead of going home to make something, I swung through Taco Bell/KFC again. When I got to the drive through the line was backed up past the intercom. I waited there for 5 minutes, which in hungryville is like a week. When I heard the car in front of me say, "I'm not close enough to see the menu," I lost it. Fuming at their lack of capability to keep the line moving I took the side route to exit the black hole of fun dollars. "I'll make it faster at home myself!" I said out loud as I waited to turn left onto 89A.

I was NOT satisfied, so they did NOT get my fun dollars.

Every dollar we spend is a vote. Where do you vote? What do you vote for?

Balance this pay cycle $66.00

Happy Spending!

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