Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Feast for the Senses

I rather enjoyed spending with intention on the last pay cycle. Having a purpose, a goal, and a plan encouraged me throughout the two week period to really consider where my money was going. As I looked back at my on going wish list, I found an interesting trend. Each item on the list is a sensory-related thing. For example, I have been wanting to go out to eat at the restaurant where my best friend works. I see her less often than I'd like, and surprising her at work to say hello would be fun. Not to mention, they have the best organic salads in town. I also added to my wish list "music". I have been listening to the same Pandora stations at home and the same CD's in the car. I need to mix it up a little. Also, there is a new tea shop in town that I drive by almost every day. I just want to go in there and smell all their teas, sample something and take one home that really entices me. And speaking of smells, all my candles are officially burnt down to a stub. I think a Friday trip to Bell's Outlet is in order.

Taste, sound, and smell. Stimulate the senses. I think touch and sight will come later, perhaps next week. I'll start with the things I am certain about, things on the wish list. Let the sensory feast begin!

Happy Spending!

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