Friday, March 7, 2014

So Good I Can Taste It

Despite my best efforts to be proactive in the kitchen, I still wanted to go to Plaza Bonita Wednesday night. I thought to myself during Lily's morning nap, "I'm going to be proactive and cut up the vegetables for tonight's  green curry stir fry while she's alseep." I did. I even organized the fridge with our left over rice and asparagus that would go along with it. I put the fresh veggies in a mixing bowl with the lid on and put all the components for the night's dinner next to each other in the fridge. I did the dishes so the counter tops would be cleaned off for cooking and the right pans would be clean and ready to go. I did all of this with no kiddo distractions. It also provided me extra time after school to take the kids to the playground. I was feeling like Supermom. Until we headed home.

I mused to Carrick in the backseat as we drove home from his school, leaving the sandbox and swings behind us, "Why do I want cheese dip?" He replies from the back seat, "Because you want Casa Bonita!" He still calls it "Casa" Bonita, even though the name has changed to "Plaza" Bonita. I said, "You're right! Do you think daddy will want to go there too?" Of course it was a resounding "Yes!" followed by a prolific monologue about what he would order, what we would order, and what would happen while we were there. Such is the way of a five-year-old.

I called my hubby at work and we confirmed a dinner date with the kids at Casa Bonita, even after I told him about how I planned ahead and had dinner all prepped and in the fridge. We couldn't argue with our appetites, Mexican was preferred over Thai.

I was in the mood to splurge. Chicken Fundido is my "usual", and really the reason I go to Plaza Bonita. Shredded chicken wrapped in a tortilla and fried, topped with sour cream cheese mixture and topped with melted cheddar. It's what I eat when I want some calories and cholesterol. It's so not a healthy thing to eat, but it's my go-to when I want something that isn't veggies and lean meat. With three of these grease-laden morsels on the plate, there is more than enough for me, Carrick, and one for leftovers, which I count on. The platter also comes with rice topped with a pork "sauce" which Corey loves, and he gives his rice and beans to Carrick. So we all play a game musical plates in which we swap and share with each other and we all end up with more than we can eat for dinner. Lily was quite content to sit on my lap and pick off my plate.


Corey and I also split a Patron Margarita on special, as well as a Mai Tai. We both wanted one more drink, but we still had to drive home and be responsible with our alcohol. so we decided to buy some sour mix from the restaurant, and get our own tequila next door at Basha's. $57.00 on dinner, with tip, and $3.00 for sour mix meant that my half was $30.00. I set aside $27.00 for dinner, so I was right around my budget for the night. I gave  Corey $10.00 for tequila. What kind you ask? Ever since we worked at Elote, our brand has been Hornitos Reposado.  


So we headed home, bellies full, doggie bag and tequila in tow. What a fun evening with the family, and no one had to clean up dinner.

Dinner, Drinks and tip at Plaza Bonita- $27.00
Hornitos Reposado at Basha's-$10.00

Balance this pay cycle- $60.00

Happy Spending!

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