Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mom's Day Out, Back to Back

Last week, Corey and I each received our new Fun Dollars on Monday. That night, he informed me that he was in need of someone to run an errand down to Scottsdale for him for work. He asked if I was up for it. I would have both kids with me and have never made the trip down to the valley alone with them both in tow. I assured him I would be up for the adventure.

After getting his very specific instructions, and double checking everything with him that he needed, I proactively packed the car for the trip the next day. After packing up all the snacks and loading both kids in the car we were off. Travelling down I17, heading south toward Phoenix, the was clear and beautiful. An hour and a half in the car, we landed at the oasis of Anthem, the Outlet Mall Mecca just on the outskirts of Phoenix. It has a giant food court, a play yard, shops, of course, and the best bathrooms a mom could ever ask for.

We made a potty and lunch break here. I brought the double stroller with me just for this pit stop. I proudly wheeled my two kids past other moms with children in their double strollers and headed for the luxurious bathrooms. Glistening pinkish tiles, a mother's lounge, and a deluxe changing station, complete with pink trash can awaited us. Carrick played with the toys in the mother's lounge while I nursed Lily.

After our fantastic potty break, we ate lunch in the food court. All three of us split a Lo Mien plate from the Chinese place. Sesame chicken with mixed veggies cost me $8.00 with tip (the guy was extra nice, so I gave a little love.) Next we went for a stroll just outside the food court to check out the sale at Carter's. The only thing that really made me want to part with Fun Dollars there was a pair of sunglasses for Carrick.

After spending about 20 minutes at the play yard, we packed up the car and headed for our destination, the Caspian Market in Scottsdale. I needed to find specific elements for the Persian New Year setting of Haft Seen, which includes dried fruit from the Lotus tree as just one of the seven items. Needless to say, I won't be able to find that at Safeway. The lady there was incredibly helpful. Carrick also wanted to buy a box of vanilla wafer cookies. He had the Fun Dollars, and I just helped him out with tax (which was only 45 cents, but we round our Fun Dollars to the next highest dollar, so I gave up a whole dollar for that.)

I also sprung for Wendy's frosties for Carrick and me on the way back home. Lily was asleep, so she missed out on that one.

The next day, I had scheduled on my calendar a girls' day out with a good friend I met through bellydance class. Neither of us take the class anymore, but we have remained friends. She had just gone through a lot of major life changes and I really wanted some one-on-one time to catch up with her. She lives in Clarkdale, a historic community about 15 miles from Sedona. We spent the day eating lunch, shopping in Old Town Clarkdale, and just hanging out talking in her garden. It was the most refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed I have felt in a long time. I literally dropped Carrick off at school, spent the entire day with her, then picked Carrick back up from school. I so very much needed that, especially after taking both kids on a 5 hour trip the day before.

My afternoon of shopping found me the new owner of a cute yellow t-shirt with a phoenix on it as well as a pair of white leather gloves for driving. I know, it sounds old fashioned, but the summer sun can be BRUTAL on the tops of hand while driving in Arizona, even with sunscreen on. Also, the shop where I purchased these two items is the absolute cutest resale store I have ever set foot in. Vintage glam is about the only words I can use. Glitter, lace, rhinestones, and silk everywhere. Roses and delicate touches that brought out the most feminine feeling in me as I walked through the store. I was more than happy to spend $22.00 at this fine local shop.

Food at the Anthem Outlet Mall- $8.00
Sunglasses for Carrick at Carter's outlet-$5.00
Wendy's Frosties- $3.00
Help for Carrick's tax- $1.00
Shirt and Gloves at vintage resale store- $23.00

Balance this pay cycle- $0.00
Happy Spending!

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