Monday, March 10, 2014

Sensory Stimulation at Safeway

At Safeway last week, I already had it in mind that I wanted to buy flowers with my Fun Dollars this pay cycle. We were set to have dinner guests later in the week, and I thought it would be a nice touch to the table to have some pretties on it. I had Carrick come with me to the floral department. Every week, when we walk by the flowers he asks me, "Mommy, do you want some flowers?" and many weeks, I tell, him, "Yes, I would, but I don't have my Fun Dollars." It's one of the sweeter interactions we get to share as mother and son. We will walk around the flower display, and he'll name the colors he sees, and I tell him what kind of flower it is.

But this week, I got to take him with me and actually pick out some flowers. I told him he could pick out any flower he wanted for mommy to buy with her Fun Dollars. He chose a bouquet of lilac-pink carnations. After returning home, I added some baby's breath from a birthday bouquet that was still good.

On the way out, my reactionary buying kicked in. DARN THOSE GIRL SCOUTS!!!!! It wasn't just any Girl Scout, either. The little girl camping out in front of Safeway, waiting to ambush innocent cookie lovers, is in Carrick's preschool class. She is super cute, and she says hi to me almost every day when I drop him off. So, of course I bought Girl Scout Cookies from her. She only had two of my three favorites left, Samoas and Tag-a-longs. I bought a box of each. I think the lowest point in my week last week was sitting down at the computer and eating half the box by myself, just because I could. No kids around to share with. It wasn't as awesome as I hoped it would be. THANK GOODNESS Girl Scout Cookie season is over.

Oh yes, I also bought pinwheels for the kids to play with while we grocery shopped. They were $2.00 each. Normally I don't buy stuff like that, but Lily was so enthralled with them and it kept her quiet. So, I bought one for Carrick and Lily. They now enjoy taking their pinwheels in the wagon when we go on our evening walks. Such simple pleasures.

Flowers and pinwheels at Safeway- $12.00
Girl Scout Cookies-$8.00

Balance this Pay Cycle- $40.00

Happy Spending!

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