Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Sound of Fun Dollars

Nothing, and I mean nothing makes me happier than listening to Mozart in the background of my day. Way back when as a college freshmen, I bought a CD called, "Mozart for the Mind." I listened to it during my study times. Not sure if it did much for me other than keep me focused, but the songs have been in the background of my life for 14 years now. Since then, I have purchased Mozart at Midnight, Mozart for Monday Mornings as well as a $9.99 boxed set at Wal-Mart. You'd think I'd have enough Mozart right? Well, that would be the case if I had access to my old hard drive.

 About a year and a half ago, our hard drive fizzled on our main computer. We were not smart about backing things up, so all of my music and all of Carrick's baby pictures were almost lost. Staples was able to save the data some how, but to retrieve it, we need to buy an external hard drive, as well as a tower to plug it into. Instead of getting those components, Corey and I each got portable devices, I have an Acer Netbook, and he has an ipad (with a cracked screen now, which means he needs a new one....)

Anyway, I still have the CD for Mozart for the Mind, and only two selections three selections are scratched beyond listening condition. Mozart for Monday Mornings only has four or five tracks that are playable all the way through, and who knows where my Mozart for Midnight CD wandered off to. The Boxed set was trashed a long time ago when Carrick was new to walking and grabbing things. I have sufficed with my Pandora station of classical music, but what I really want in an extensive Mozart playlist.

I found that playlist in the form of an mp3 download from Amazon yesterday; 100 songs to the tune of $2.39! I read the reviews of several extensive Mozart-only downloads and decided that Rise of the Modern Masters: Supreme Classical Masterpieces was the one for me. I absolutely love it! It has the complete works that my other CDs only featured one movement from. I can mix and match the songs into playlists, like "Slow Mozart" for going to bed, or "Morning Mozart" which is more peppy. Right now I am working on a playlist for Carrick called, "Baby Mozart". He enjoys the songs he recognizes from the Baby Einstein video of Baby Mozart.

Mozart - 100 Supreme Classical Masterpieces: Rise of the Masters

Happy ears, Happy home. The kids played for an hour while this music softly created a background for their imaginations. I am very happy with this Fun Dollars Purchase.

Mozart Download on $3.00

Balance this pay cycle- $97.00

Happy Spending!

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  1. Acers are awesome.. it was my fave before I got my Chrome book :)