Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keeping Up Appearances

If there's one thing I take very seriously, it's my eyebrows, almost to the point of obsession. I tweeze, I shape, I pencil-in, I lotion, I trim. I don't know where it came from, but over the many years of wearing makeup, my eyebrows somehow became important.

And then I had kids. Children who chew on my eyebrow brushes, or walk around the house with my tweezers. This means that these items need to be replaced from time to time. And that time came when I was at Dollar Tree. A buck here for tweezers and a buck there for an eyebrow brush.  And while I'm at it, I may as well get an extra eye liner pencil for my purse. I have been putting on a lot of car makeup lately.

In that same vein of vanity, I also needed another hairbrush. Why spend $4.00 at Target when I can spend $1.00 at Dollar Tree? Walking down the beauty aisle I was reminded that my nail file was worn down and pedicure season is upon us. So I also sprung for a three pack of glitter-leopard nail files. That should last me for at least a year of pedicures. (I'm a DIY kinda girl when it comes to my toes.)

From personal appearance to domestic appearance: I bought two squirty bottles to use for cleaning purposes, a pink one for me and a blue one for Carrick. One of his favorite things to do while I am cleaning is to spray and wipe the windows on the patio door. He actually gets them clean, so I really want to encourage this behavior. Since I only had one squirt bottle, it made cleaning up time a little difficult, running back and forth, sharing it. Then recently, the squirt bottle I had stopped spraying. I think there might have been a one-year-old involved (don't worry, I only clean with lemons and vinegar in my squirt bottles.)

And as for the appearances of my children, they have finally reached a place with their wardrobes that they need to hang up their clothes. Lily has dresses that will just get wrinkly if I try to keep them in her drawers. Carrick is so big that his clothes don't all fit in his drawers. Gone are the days when I could cram ten outfits in one drawer. Hello, 5T! So, I bought three packages of kids hangers, blue for Carrick, pink for Lily and white for either.

Brow Pencil-$1.00
Brow Brush-$1.00
Eyeliner- $1.00
Nail files-$1.00
Hair brush-$1.00
Squirt Bottles- $2.00
Hangers- $3.00

Balance this pay cycle- $44.00

Happy Spending!

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